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12:30 PM, Thursday, January 8, 2009 | Room D-209 HSC
Speaker: Dr. William Catterall
Topic: Calcium-activated Chloride Channels - A New Family in the Ion Channel Menagerie

  1. Hartzell HC, Yu K, Xiao Q, Chien LT, Qu Z. Anoctamin / TMEM16 family members are calcium-activated Cl- channels. J Physiol. 2008 Nov 17. [Epub ahead of print]
Research Articles:
  1. Schroeder BC, Cheng T, Jan YN, Jan LY. Expression cloning of TMEM16A as a calcium-activated chloride channel subunit. Cell 2008 Sep 19;134(6):1019-29.
  2. Caputo A, Caci E, Ferrera L, Pedemonte N, Barsanti C, Sondo E, Pfeffer U, Ravazzolo R, Zegarra-Moran O, Galietta LJ. TMEM16A, a membrane protein associated with calcium-dependent chloride channel activity. Science 2008 Oct 24;322(5901):590-4.
  3. Yang YD, Cho H, Koo JY, Tak MH, Cho Y, Shim WS, Park SP, Lee J, Lee B, Kim BM, Raouf R, Shin YK, Oh U. TMEM16A confers receptor-activated calcium-dependent chloride conductance. Nature 2008 Oct 30;455(7217):1210-5.

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