Pharmacology Pharmacology

Current Topics in Pharmacology 2008-2009 Schedule

Meets:  Thursdays 12:30 PM
Room:  T-473 HSB

October 2  Richard Gardner When drugs miss the target: novel strategies to identify off-target effects
 9  Eric Frederickson Take a pill and skip the treadmill: AMPK and PPAR agonists mimic exercise.
 16  Stan McKnight Don't stress during inter-kingdom signalling
 23  Pam Gallagher New insights on old neurons: Age-dependent epigenetic control of myelin repair
 30  Abbie Schindler Vampire Bats: The bloodsuckers who may save your life
November 6  Chris Hague GPCRs must get lonely too
 13  Nick Robin Synergistic neuroprotective effects of Lithium and HDAC inhibitors
 20  Charley Chavkin An Animal Model of a Behavioral Intervention for Depression
December 4  Laura Sheard Flipping out - what is a partial agonist again?
January8  Bill Catterall Calcium-activated Chloride Channels - A New Family in the Ion Channel Menagerie
 15  Will Conrad Survival of the Fittest: a proteomic explanation of how cells evade cancer chemotherapeutics
 22  Jinti Wang Crystal structures of a pentameric ligand-gated ion channel
 29  Merle Gilbert The innate immune response: taking AIM on cytoplasmic DNA
February 5  Candace Parchen Bent out of shape: Understanding the cytoskeleton using microfluidics
 12  Bruce Tempel Evolution of action potentials in your brain.
 19  Michelle Sexton Thinking Outside the Box: Supporting Integrity/Assaulting Pathology
 26  Mia DeFino Knowing me, Knowing you: ABA receptors in Plants
March 5  Ning Zheng The Power of NMR - What Are Missing in Protein Crystal Structures.
 12  Lauren Richardson We all evolve together: The genotypic and phenotypic co-evolution of the human response to malarial infection.
April 2  Edith Wang Aneuploidy: Advantages or Disadvantages for Cancer?
 9  Claire Walker Move Ahead, Forget the Past
 23  Joel Rosenbaum A MAP Kinase From There to Here
 30  Paul Phillips Going loco down in synaptopulco: how is long-term potentiation spatially restricted?
May14  Neil Nathanson A Journal Club to take your breath away: The EGF Receptor Holds Its Breath: Regulation of Expression and Signaling by Hypoxia
 28  Joe Beavo Don't salt your fries unless you are willing to have it get under your skin
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