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12:30 PM, Thursday, February 25, 2010 | Room T-531 HSC
Speaker: Pam Gallagher
Topic: Targeting RAS Signaling in Cancer Therapy Through Polypharmacology
Papers to be presented:

  1. Wee S, Jagani Z, Xiang KX, Loo A, Dorsch M, Yao YM, Sellers WR, Lengauer C, Stegmeier F.  (2009).  PI3K pathway activation mediates resistance to MEK inhibitors in KRAS mutant cancers.  Cancer Research.  69, 4286-93.
  2. Engelman JA, Chen L, Tan X, Crosby K, Guimaraes AR, Upadhyay R, Maira M, McNamara K, Perera SA, Song Y, Chirieac LR, Kaur R, Lightbown A, Simendinger J, Li T, Padera RF, García-Echeverría C, Weissleder R, Mahmood U, Cantley LC, Wong KK.  (2008).  Effective use of PI3K and MEK inhibitors to treat mutant Kras G12D and PIK3CA H1047R murine lung cancers.  Nature Medicine.  14, 1351-6.
  1. Downward J.  (2003).  Targeting RAS signalling pathways in cancer therapy.  Nature Reviews Cancer.  3, 11-22.
  2. Knight ZA, Lin H, Shokat KM.  (2010).  Targeting the cancer kinome through polypharmacology.  Nature Reviews Cancer.  10, 130-7.

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