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Current Topics in Pharmacology 2009-2010 Schedule

Meets:  Thursdays 12:30 PM
Room:  T-747 HSB

October 8  Richard Gardner Circling the peptides: new protection against disease?
 15  Science In Medicine Lecture
 22  Jessica Hill Two pools are better than one: Are separate pools of vesicles responsible for spontaneous and stimulated release?
 29  Bret Samelson Get Some Sleep - Sleep Deprivation and cAMP Signaling
November 5  Patrick Nygren Let's get together and feel alright: Mechanisms for allosteric activation of EGF receptor dimers
 12  Dan Messinger Tankyrase inhibition in cancer therapy: A way to right wrongs wreaked by Wnt and broken by BRCA?
 19  Charley Chavkin New and Improved Tools for Molecular Signaling Studies
 26  Thanksgiving Holiday
December 3  Rebecca Kow Do you "C" what I "C"? Differences in Human DNA Methylomes
 10  Science In Medicine Lecture
January 7  Canceled
 14  Canceled
 21  Canceled
 28  Merle Gilbert Let's get ready to rumble: Pheromones and aggressive behavior in Drosophila Melanogaster
February 4  Nephi Stella Kill the fittest: Finding drugs that eradicate cancer stem cells
 11  Eric Fredrickson Skip the hand sanitizer: Commensal bacteria regulate skin inflammation
 18  Nick Robin Activity Based Protein Profiling: more cool technology from the Cravatt Lab
 25  Pam Gallagher Targeting RAS Signaling in Cancer Therapy Through Polypharmacology
March 4  Ning Zheng Let the Tail Lead the Way - How to Localize A Tail-anchored Transmembrane Protein.
 11  Laura Sheard Memories, memories: remembering to question gliotransmission
April 1  Edith Wang Reprogramming of cells get direct: Fibroblasts to neurons... what's next?
 8  Canceled
 15  Canceled
 22  Abbie Schindler What's that smell? Sniffing out neurotransmitter levels.
 29  Canceled
May 6  Stan McKnight Serum of Youth
 13  Neil Nathanson A Novel Mechanism for Regulation of Synaptogenesis to Keep Your Ion: A Calcium Channel Subunit Finally Does Something Interesting
 20  Chris Hague Programmable DNA "robots" for use as nanoscale manufacturing plants.
 27  Joe Beavo Synthetic cells - do they deserve all the hype?
June 3  Bill Catterall Flies, Snakes, and Smokers: A New Range of Sensory Activities for TRPA1 Channels
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