Pharmacology Pharmacology

Current Topics in Pharmacology 2011-2012 Schedule

Meets:  Thursdays 12:30 PM
Room:  D-423 HSB

October 6  Jen Whiting Feline transgenesis for HIV research: I can haz GFP nao?
 13  Mario Rosasco Stars of Synaptic Strengthening? - A Regulatory Role for Astrocytes at Central Synapses
 20  Ben Reed How Resveratrol Let the Three Musketeers Down - A decade of disagreement over Sirtuin life extension.
 27  Sonya Trejo D2 Receptor Dysfunction, Obesity, and Addiction: The Jones for Junk Food.
November 3  Kole Meeker Parabiosaywhat?! Peripheral chemokines regulate neurogenesis and cognitive function in aging
 10  No Class
 17  No Class
 24  Thanksgiving Holiday
December 1  Allison Cherry If mice could talk - How the FOXP2 language gene affects learning,
 8  Jeff Estella Cannibalistic bacteria as a potential new weapon against human pathogens
January 19  Nick Strand Rescheduled - March 29, 2012
 26  Jamie Levin Phospho-switch, the ultimate DISC changer. Switching from proliferation to migration during corticogenesis.
February 2  Lauren Burgeno Biosensing Using Phage Display-based Techniques
 9  Jennifer Deem Coping with ER stress
 16  Amanda Chung Treating cancer using gold nanoshells
 23  Jim Ruble Cheers! Resveratrol mediates anti-aging phenotypes through inhibition of cAMP phosphodiesterases.
March 1  Wendy Yang Engineering HIV-Resistant Human CD4+ T Cells with CXCR4-Specific Zinc-Finger Nucleases
 29  Nick Strand Zelda and the OcRNA of Time: lincRNAs Conserve Function Over Time
April 5  Becca Minich MicroRNA: the 'other' non-coding RNA Implications for disease treatment and diagnostics
 12  Christina Akers Post-ischaemic Treatment with a PSD-95 Inhibitor
 19  Shannon Nangle One mAb to rule them all, one mAb to find them, one mAb to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them.
 26  Teresa Heard A Different Look at the French Paradox: Red Wine and Adipogenesis
May 3  Kristin Mussar How to Mend a Broken Heart: Recent Advances in Cardiac Repair and Regeneration.
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