Pharmacology Pharmacology

Current Topics in Pharmacology 2012-2013 Schedule

Meets:  Wednesdays 12:30 PM
Room:  Room D-423 HSB

October 4  Open
 11  Neuroscience Mtg/SACNAS
 18  Jim Ruble Bases to bits: computational whole-cell modeling and de novo biology.
 25  Lauren Burgeno Pain Relief by Venom: Novel peptide constituent of Black Mamba Venom is more efficaceous than morphine with less tolerance
November 1  Jennifer Deem Get some sleep: REM sleep reorganizes hippocampal excitability.
 8  Amanda Chung Finding Subpopulations of VTA Dopamine Neurons Responsible for Reward and Aversion
 15  Nick Strand The hESC and the Heart: The Advance of Stem Cell Therapeutics in Heart Disease.
 22  Thanksgiving Holiday
 29  Wendy Yang A Student's Conundrum: Stress, Caffeine, and Alcohol trigger Neurological Dysfunction
December 6  Open
 13  Becca Minich ENCODEing Terabytes of 'Junk'.
January 3  Open
 10  Open
 17  Jamie Levin TALEN Me Something Good: Structural Insight into Genome Editing.
 24  Shannon Nangle Resident Weevil: or the incredibly strange creatures who stopped living and became mixed-up zombies
 31  Teresa Heard Connect Four: Does the G-quadruplex actually exist??
February 7  Kristin Mussar Stealth attack: Nanoparticles coated in red blood cell membranes.
 14  Christina Akers Brewing up a new batch of remedies to reduce obesity
 21  Charisma Enam Tango with ERRγ
 28  Cory Nadel How to Break It in America - DNA Damage and Repair Mechanisms
March 7  Christina Jones Real-Time Visualization of Neuronal Activity during Perception.
 14  Theo Sottero You Should Have Put a Ring on it: Post-Transcriptional Regulation via circular RNAs.
 29  Open
April 4  Open
 11  Jessica Cao Physiologic brain activity causes DNA double-strand breaks in neurons, with exacerbation by amyloid-β
 18  Ramon Jones Shipping via Ups leads to obesity: Insight on ubiquitin's role in adiponectin survival
 25  Jacob Hyer How to Build a Better Mouse Brain
May 2  Open
 9  Kelly Butler Live Long and Prosper: Extending lifespan by targeting hypothalamic immunity.
 16  Joshua Cohen Intravenous Oxygen
 23  Elizabeth Curran Biofilm Inhibitors: A Magic Bullet Cure
 30  Open
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