Pharmacology Pharmacology

Current Topics in Pharmacology 2013-2014 Schedule

Meets:  Wednesdays 12:30 PM
Room:  Room D-423 HSB

October 3  Open
 10  Christina Akers Riding the Wave: Spatiotemporal Detection of GPCR Activation
 17  Kristin Mussar The early cell gets the pancreas: The role of the cell cycle on stem cell differentiation.
 24  Open
 31  Shannon Nangle Plan 9 from GlaxoSmithKline
November 7  Open
 14  No Class
 21  Jake Hyer Deep Impact: Improvement of Designed Influenza Inhibitors
 28  Thanksgiving Holiday
December 5  Teresa Heard Papa passes perceptivity onto pups: Parental experience and epigenetics.
 12  Open
January 8  Open
 15  Open
 22  Ramon Jones Drugs Don't Have to be Vices......They Can Save Your Brain: Neuroprotective effects of Donepezil
 29  Elizabeth Curran Powering the Way to Good Health: Using Mitochondrial Transfer as a Therapy for Respiratory Dysfunction.
February 5  Cory Nadel The New Odd Couple: The lncRNA RMST interacts with SOX2 to regulate neurogenesis.
 12  Josh Cohen Ghrelin modulation of anxiety after stress.
 19  Christina Jones Dropping Acid Induces Pluripotency
 26  Theo Sottero Using the Immune System to Target Cancer: CAR T-Cells
March 5  Charisma Enam Trust your gut 101 - know its microbiome!
 12  Jessica Cao That smells like G-beta-gamma: GPCRs regulating the olfactory system.
 27  Spring Break
April 3  Open
 10  Kristine Ciruelas Extending the lifespan of C. Elegans
 17  Eedann McCord Cancer Cells Drown Without Their [dNTP] Pool Cleaner
 24  Stacey Aggarwal Overcoming resistance: Sensitizing the tumor microenvironment to antibody therapies.
May 1  Sabrina Kamran Get your Head out of your Butt: Wnt Signaling Involvement in Brain Injury and Colon Cancer
 8  Rigney Turnham Guys smell, and they're stressing mice out.
 15  Emily Myers The fountain of youth runs warm with the blood of children.
 22  Samara Miller When Love Hurts...
 29  Open