Pharmacology Pharmacology

Current Topics in Pharmacology 2014-2015 Schedule

Meets:  Thursdays 12:30 PM
Room:  Room D-423 HSB

October 1  Open
 8  Postponed
 15  Stacey Aggarwal Why binging makes alcohol so darn rewarding: A new way to produce GABA
 22  No Class
 29  Eedann McCord Don't Kill your Zombie Friend! Undead muscle cells get a new lease on life.
November 5  Emily Myers Slice me off a piece of that: de novo proteomics of intact brain slices.
 12  No Class
 19  Sabrina Kamran One small switch and dad might kill you.
 26  Thanksgiving Holiday
December 3  No Class
 10  Kristine Ciruelas Using Magneto's power for the greater good
January 7  Samara Miller The Power of Positive Attitude
 14  Open
 21  Rigney Turnham Old people need PDE inhibitors too.
 28  No Class
February 4  Avery Hunker Autistic Monkeys?
 11  No Class
 18  Paula Bucko A clean cell is a happy cell: Essential role of proteasomes in maintaining self-renewal in neural progenitor cells.
 25  Madison Baird Effective treatment for Alzheimer's?
March 3  Open
 10  Open
 31  Open
April 7  Janani Gopalan Proteoglycans set a trap for amyloid : Deleting neuronal heparan sulfates from an alzheimer's disease mouse model reduces amyloid-β pathology
 14  Harrison Fontaine Down 2 Risk: D2R cells in the nucleus accumbens control risky decision-making
 21  Jenny Steger Removing the angry from hangry: Agouti-related peptide neural circuits mediate adaptive behaviors in the starved state
 28  Dorathy-Ann Harris From Mice to Humans: Determining Cerebellar Damage Due to Repeated Blast Exposure
May 5  Jeremy Bazinet Ctip1ng the scales: Transcription factor Ctip1 regulates establishment of Sensory Input Fields
 12  Eric Ferguson How to be the ultimate minimalist.
 19  Open
 26  Open