Pharmacology Pharmacology

Current Topics in Pharmacology 1997-1998 Schedule

Meets:  Wednesdays 12:30 PM
Room:  Room T-530/530A HSB

1 Stanley McKnight An all new ER
8 Amanda Kalaydjian Welcome home: p53 finds a brother in newly discovered p73
15 Elizabeth Dunphy Love is in the air: Pheromone receptors in mammals
29 Laird Sheldahl Who makes up these Journal Club titles? A clearly SMAD person
5 Dale Chenault We are Prion: you will be assimilated
12 William A. Catterall Tipsy Synapses: NMDA and GABA receptors as Molecular Targets for Alcohol Intoxication
19 Brian Hale Happy TrkA Day: Being Thankful for NGF Retrograde Signaling and CREB Phosphorylation
26 Kevin White NO News is good News: Nitric Oxide's Controversial Role as a Retrograde Messenger in Long-Term Potentiation
3 Joe Beavo NF-KB Linked Signal Transduction Pathways
10 Bin Li Host Cell Signaling Events Triggered by Bacterial Invasion
7 Charles Chavkin Tales from Two Cities
14 Renée Chmelar Taking a JAB at cytokine signaling: Negative regulation by a novel protein family
21 Laurie Nadler PINning down cell division: Regulation of mitosis by a novel protein isomerase
4 Vicki Tibbs Someone's in the kitchen with InaD: Signal coordination through PDZ scafflold protein
11 Rejean Idzerda SGS1: A new gene for an age old problem?
18 Kimberly Burton Mammalian homolog to the Drosophila period gene-it's about time
25 Sandy Bajjalieh Cell's a poppin': The role of sphingolipids in cell death and proliferation
4 Rachel Squillace Three unique and cool mechanisms of translational regulation
11 Randall Moon Axon guidance at the CNS midline in worms and flies
18 Robin Gibson Tau-P or not Tau-P? The role of Tau phosphorylation in Alzheimer's Disease
1 Daniel M. Dorsa In search of the elusive membrane steroid receptor
8 Sherri Rogalski The role of the melanocortin-4 receptor and the novel orexin receptor in appetite. Why Weight Watchers can't fool Mother Nature
22 Neil Nathanson The ER membrane goes nuclear: SREBP, a membrane bound transcription factor
29 Todd Scheuer Two heads are better than one: the kinesin superfamiliy and cellular transport
13 Arne Lekven Netrins and Midline Axon Guidance
20 Bruce Tempel When are pumps, channels?
27 Rob Batchelor beatA is no betaS: A physiological role for amyloid-beta?
3 Kristen Belmonte Neuronal Survival: No Neuron is an Island unto itself...
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