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Current Topics in Pharmacology
Phcol 514
12:30 PM, Wednesday, October 21, 1998
Room T-530/530A HSC

Speaker: Christian Wade
Topic: Sticky Synapses: The Role of Cadherins in Synaptic Connectivity


  1. Lixin Tang, Chou P. Hung, and Erin M. Schuman. A Role for the Cadherin Family of Cell Adhesion Molecules in Hippocampal Long-Term Potentiation. Neuron, 1998 June Vol.20:1165-1175

  2. Kazuyoshi Tamura, Wei-Song Shan, Wayne A. Hendrickson, David R. Colman, and Lawrence Shapiro. Structure-function Analysis of Cell Adhesion by Neural (N-) Cadherin. Neuron, 1998 June Vol. 20:1153-1163

  3. Naohiro Kohmura, Kouji Senzaki, Shun Hamada, Nobuyuki Kai, Rie Yasuda, Masahiko Watanabe, Hioki Ishii, Masahiro Yasuda, Masayoshi Mishina, and Takeshi Yagi. Diversity Revealed by a Novel Family of Cadherins Expressed in Neurons at a Synaptic Complex. Neuron, 1998 June Vol. 20:1137-1151

  1. Donald J. Hagler, Jr., and Yukiko Goda. Synaptic Adhesion: the Building Blocks of Memory? Neuron 1998 June Vol. 20:1059-1062

  2. Tadashi Uemura. The Cadherin Superfamily at the Synapse: More Members, More Missions. Cell 1998 June 26, Vol. 93:1095-1098

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