Pharmacology Pharmacology

Current Topics in Pharmacology 1998-1999 Schedule

Meets:  Wednesdays 12:30 PM
Room:  Room T-530/530A HSB

30 Stanley McKnight Dancing to the ras-raf-rap
7 Michael Nolan A Heart-To-Heart Talk About Calcineurin
14 George Laszlo Unraveling Axonal Guidance Cues: Semaphorins and Growth Cone Repulsion
21 Christian Wade Sticky Synapses: The Role of Cadherins in Synaptic Connectivity
28 Todd Scheuer You gotta have rhythm: Cylic-nucleotide modulated ion channels underlying cardiac pacemaking and neuronal bursting
4 Sarah Hallagan PAR-3 and an Atypical PKC: Possible Parallel Between C. Elegans Embryos And Mammalian Epithelial Cells
18 Charles Chavkin Control of GABA and GLY Receptor Functioning by Gephyrin: location, location, location
2 Joe Beavo Caveolae, 'Little Caves': Roles In Signal Transduction
9 Traci Hilton Alzheimers and apoptosis. Presenilins: the saga continues
6 Bill Catterall SNARE Proteins and Exocytosis: Do they or don't they?
13 Elizabeth Dunphy Tit for Tat: Gimme NTPs and I'll give you Elongation
20 Victor Pineda Disease and Early Development - multiple functions for dystroglycan
27 Brian Hale Great Expectations: The Role of PIP2 in the Regulation of KATP
3 Colleen Niswender Killing the messenger: RNA mutations as a mechanism for neurodegeneration
10 Amanda Kalaydjian The Ins and Outs of G2-M Checkpoint Regulation by a kinase, a phosphatase and a 14-3-3 protein
17 William Watt Polyglutamine repeats in Huntingtin's and other Neurodegenerative Diseases: How Objectional is the Nuclear Inclusion?
24 Kimberly Burton PSD95, a MAGUK required for memory
3 Laird Sheldahl PKA-independent CRE/CREB activities
10 Edith Wang HIV vaccine: the elusive pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?
7 Jane Gunther P2X receptors times two. Two independent labs report on the activity of P2X receptor channels to change their ionic selectivity
14 Kevin White From the South Pacific to Germany: Kava-Kava makes its debut as an anti-anxiety drug
21 Dale Chenault C/EBPs and Immunity
28 Angela Cantrell Deadly Cl- Channels: A Role in the Formation of Primary Brain Tumors
5 Neil Nathanson When You're Hot, You're Hot: The Vanilloid Receptor, an Ion Channel Activated by Heat AND Hot Pepper
12 Rejean Idzerda Locally regulated translation in dendrites (a mechanism)
19 Susan Hamilton Yabba GABAB Do! Activation Takes Two – GABAB Receptors as GPCR-Heterodimers
26 Bruce Tempel Learning requires increased inhibition
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