Pharmacology Pharmacology

Current Topics in Pharmacology

12:30 PM, Thursday's - Room D-423 HSB

Instructions for Speakers

This course is presented in a journal club format with weekly informal presentations and discussions by students in the department. Topics will cover a broad range of interests represented in the department as well as other areas related to pharmacology that are of current research interest.

Guidelines for speakers

1. It is best to choose topics that are not directly related to your research. This will enhance the breadth of science to which you are exposed as a student.

2. The general format for the presentation is as follows:
a. 10 minutes background (why we care)
b. 15 minutes presenting key points of the paper (not all figures need to be presented in detail)
c. 15 minutes hearing each student's opinion
d. 20 minutes open discussion (merits of the paper, how it advanced knowledge, would could have been done better or included, next steps)

Dates for each student's journal club will proceed in the order of seniority (3rd years go first, 2nd years go next, 1st years go last). If you can not present your talk on the assigned day, arrange a switch with someone else on the list and let Rich Gardner know.

By Friday (noon) the week before that you give your presentation you must give Debbie Bale (K540) a title for your talk and a list of references. Your references must include a list of all authors and the titles of the papers as well as the journal information. Please send the information to Debbie Bale. The office will see that the announcement is distributed to everyone participating and the complete notice will also appear on our Departmental Web site.

If anyone has a problem deciding on a topic, please contact Rich Gardner. The Web site has lists of topics and reference from the past several years and you should consult that to be sure that your chosen papers have not already been discussed.

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