Pharmacology Pharmacology

Current Topics in Pharmacology 2014-2015 Schedule

Meets:  Thursday's 12:30 PM
Room:  D-423 HSB

October 2  Ramon Jones Pacman Mitophagy: Atg32, a Protein that Turns the Ghosts Blue
 9  Cory Nadel A field trip to remember: Pharmacological chaperones stabilize retorter to limit APP processing.
 16  Theo Sottero Complementing Cancer Encourages Metastasis
 23  Charisma Enam Artificial sweeteners leaves you gutted!
 30  Open
November 6  Open
 13  Jessica Cao Combating memory loss and getting old with chocolate.
 20  Christina Jones Brain regeneration: Can we do it Mao?
 27  Thanksgiving Holiday
December 4  Jake Hyer Sins of the Father: Paternal Alcohol Exposure in Mice
 11  Open
January 8  Open
 15  Open
 22  Elizabeth Curran To BPA, or not to BPA, that is the question.
 29  Eedann McCord Acid Sensing Ion Channels: A New Target for Anti-Epileptic Drugs?
February 5  Josh Cohen Site-specific gene regulation modifies behavior.
 12  Emily Myers An IPA a day keeps the Alzheimer's away.
 19  Kristine Ciruelas Using Tilled Soil to Study Tumor Seeds
 26  Samara Miller The Munchies
March 5  Open
 12  Open
 26  Spring Break
April 2  Rigney Turnham Ultra-sounders versus Amyloid-B plaques: A game to remember
 9  Stacey Aggarwal
 16  Sabrina Kamran
 23  Madison Baird
 30  Avery Hunker
May 7  Paula Bucko
 14  Rich Gardner Where we've been and where we could go.
 21  Open
 28  Open
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