Pharmacology Pharmacology

2011 Schedule

Lectures:  Mondays 2:30 P.M.-4:30 P.M.

Week 1Oct 3Intro to Na and Ca ChannelsCatterall
Week 2Oct 10Intro to K ChannelsTempel
Week 3Oct 17K Channels in EpilepsyTempel
Week 4Oct 24Na Channels in Periodic Paralysis, Long QT Syndrome and EpilepsyScheuer
Week 5Oct 31Ca Channels in Periodic Paralysis, Migraine, and AtaxiaCatterall
Week 6Nov 7CRAC, Orai, and SCID in LymphocytesCatterall
Week 7Nov 14TRP Channels in Thermodetection and MechanotransductionTempel
Week 8Nov 22Seminar, Tuk Wah Soong
Follow-up class discussion
Week 9Nov 28Chloride Channels in Myotonia and Dent's Disease
Epithelial Na Channels in Hypertension
Week 10Dec 5Ion Pumps, Structure and DiseasesTempel
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