Bioscience Careers

December 5, 2013

“A Biochemist’s Career in the Wine Industry “

Thursday, December 5, 2013

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Bruce Watson , PhD.

Wine Consultant, Bruce Watson Wine Consulting
Seattle, WA

Do you enjoy drinking a nice glass of merlot, but never thought about how your bench skills could translate to the wine industry? A background in the field of Biochemistry or Microbiology provides a skill set that is valuable and by no means common in the field of wine production. Quality management and product analysis jobs provide unique career opportunities for individuals with scientific training. Wine production is particularly interesting as each vintage provides fruit with different character and new challenges, and a uniform, unchanging product is neither possible nor desirable.

Dr. Bruce Watson will talk about his experiences as a quality management supervisor for multiple wineries. Additionally, he has worked as a wine selector and community college teacher, and his expertise has led him to form his current wine consulting business.