Bioscience Careers

May 30, 2013

“Preliminary Results – Observations on a Recent Transition from Graduate Student to Biotech Professional”

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Download a video of Dr. Warren’s talk here

Sarah Warren, PhD.

Director of Research
Onofactor Corp., Seattle, WA

Sarah Warren is a founder and director of research for Oncofactor Corporation. Oncofactor is developing antibody therapeutics to overcome tumor-mediated immune inhibition. Sarah is responsible for leading the research efforts of the company, including project planning, target selection and prioritization, managing the scientific staff, and coordinating external research efforts. She is also involved in fundraising and presenting Oncofactor to potential investors and partners. Sarah founded Oncofactor while she was a fellow with the Accelerator Corporation, an investment group which funds and manages biotech companies in Seattle. As a fellow, Sarah was part of the team that identified and evaluated potential investments, and she assisted the existing Accelerator portfolio companies with their research efforts.