Bioscience Careers

November 6, 2013

“Tales from the ‘Dark’ Side: The truth about science in industry”

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Download part one of Dr. Wesley’s talk here
Download part two of Dr. Wesley’s talk here

Johnna Wesley , PhD.

Research Scientist, Novo Nordisk, Seattle, WA

Ever wonder about the truth of working in a for-profit research environment and the differences between academia, biotech, and big pharma? Mystified by what you can do at or beyond the bench?
Dr. Johnna Wesley will de-mystify the reality of transitioning between these various research settings and discuss career options in industry, beyond the bench highlighting the differences and similarities of working in industry-based research versus academic research. She is currently the Senior Manager of Animal and Human Research at Novo Nordisk. This position allows her the opportunity to be close to the science and play a key role in translating basic research to a clinical setting.