Physics 115, Spring, 2014 - Section A


1:30-2:20 MT,ThF

Physics-Astronomy Building Room A-102

Last modified: 6/4/2014
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Lecture section A: SLN 18106  

Instructor: R. J. Wilkes

Office: B-303 Physics-Astronomy Building
Office Hours: MTTh, 2:30-3:00pm, B-303
Telephone: 206-543-4232
Email:  (this address is checked by RJW and TAs)
For questions about registration, please contact Ms Susan Miller:

TA: Songci Li
Office: B-442 PAB
Office Hours: NEW! In Study Center, Mondays 2:30-5:30pm; in office 2:30-3:20pm Thursdays

For information about PHYS 118 labs, contact Ms Susan Miller,, or Prof. Robert Van DyckLabs are separate courses.

Course news and information

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NEW!  PRACTICE QUESTIONS for final exam are posted in the lecture slides directory, along with a copy of the formula sheet to be used for the exam. Solutions will shown in class Friday 6/6 - see slides.
Final is Monday 6/9, 2:30 pm: same procedures as exams - all multiple choice, with conceptual and also computational questions
YOU must bring a standard "bubble' answer sheet and pencil.You may bring a calculator; NO phones, pads or laptops allowed.
  If you signed up to take the mid-term exams an hour later (with Section B, at 2:30pm), please remember: NO SECTION B for final! everyone should come to the regular Section A exam session.
Exam grades and solutions will be posted on 6/11; course grades will be posted 6/16.

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