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PHYS 110, Winter 2016

Liberal Arts Physics

R. J. Wilkes

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Last Updated: 2/15/15

Instructor: R. J. Wilkes
Office: B303 PAB
(take elevator in B-wing to 3rd floor, turn right, then left)
Office Hours: 1:30-2:00 T-Th
new TA: Michelle Brochmann, (paper grading only); Kyle Aitken, office hrs 9:30-10:20 W in Physics Study Center (AM018); 1:30-2:20 F (rm B249);
e-mail: For this class, use only
(please do not use my personal UW email - your message may be lost due to strict filtering)
Phone: 206.543.4232

See link in sidebar at left for TA office hours and contact info after classes begin.

Class Meeting Times and Location:  PHYS 110 A ( SLN 18791): MTuThF, 12:30-1:20, room A110 Physics-Astronomy Building (PAA A110)

snowCheck UW home page or radio/TV news in case of inclement weather. Class will be held if UW is officially open.

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  • new  Syllabus has been updated to correct duplications - please visit again
  • new  Term Paper 3 assignment is now open for submissions, go to Canvas
  • Quiz 3 was regraded - C was correct, not D. You can check your quiz scores on the Canvas page for PHYS 110, click on Gradebook.
  • Revisit syllabus page for repaired links to readings for Jan 11 and 12 (Particle Physics Primer and ETS Math review): URLs work now.
  • NO mid-term exams, no final exam: grade based on 4 term papers and 20 pop quizzes in class.
  • This year: goal is NO EXTRA COSTS to students
  1. No expensive books - Assigned readings are in books freely available online at (consider making a donation to them!)
  2. No commercial "Clickers" - we will use your personal device (phone, pad, laptop) for pop quizzes. Details when class begins. (If you do not yet own ANY wireless device: REQUIRED! Smart phones and mini tablet devices are available for less than the cost of a HiTT clicker...)
  • Examples of past A-graded term papers are posted here

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