Physics 118 Heat & Electricity Laboratory

Autumn Quarter 2014


Prof. Robert Van Dyck
Office: Physics/Astronomy C511
Office Hours: By appointment: please email.
Telephone: 206-685-1097
David B. Pengra
Office: Physics/Astronomy B256
Office Hours: by appointment; please email or phone
Telephone: 206-543-4783

Meeting Times and Locations

The Heat & Electricity Laboratory meets in Room B180. To find the specific time and room for your section, consult your MyUW time schedule, your WebAssign lab section page, or the official UW registrar's time schedule:

Autumn Quarter 2014 Time Schedule, Physics 118 labs

Required Lab Manual

The lab course requires the in-class use of a custom lab manual:

Physics 118 Laboratory Manual, Autumn 2014 by the University of Washington Department of Physics. It may be purchased at the University Bookstore for about $11.

Because you will record your experimental results in the manual, you must have an unused copy of the current manual to participate in the class.


The first Pre-Lab is due on WebAssign before the first meeting.

There is no lab meeting on Tuesday, November 11. Tuesday sections make up this missed lab day on Tuesday, November 25. No other sections meet the week of 24-28 November.

Week/Dates Lab Title
0: Sep. 24-26No lab meeting. Do Pre-Lab 1
1: Sep. 29 - Oct. 31Buoyancy
2: Oct. 6-102Ideal gas laws
3: Oct. 13-173Heat capacity & Latent heat
4: Oct. 20-244Electrostatics
5: Oct. 27-315Electric Fields
6: Nov. 3-76Electric circuits 1: Current
7: Nov. 10, 12-147Electric circuits 2: Voltage and Resistance (no Tue. labs)
8: Nov. 17-218Magnetic fields and forces
9: Nov. 24-26Only Tuesday labs meet to make up missed Nov. 11 lab.
10: Dec. 1-5Make-up week. One missed lab only.

Lab Section/T.A. Info

Contact information for your TA and to find other TAs and sections. Look here if you need to email your TA or find another section to attend a make-up lab.


WebAssign is used for pre-labs and post-lab assignments. Look here for information about getting on to WebAssign and what to do if you are having trouble with WebAssign access or need to contact someone to solve a WebAssign use problem.

Connect to WebAssign:

Course Structure

The lab course has three parts: online pre-labs, in-class sessions, and online post-labs. This link describes the course structure in detail.


Please be aware that there is a strict minimum requirement for passing the course:

Physics 117, 118 and 119 are credit/no-credit (C/NC) courses. To obtain credit, the student must have (1) attended all in-class sessions (either as regularly scheduled or as make-up) and (2) have earned 60% of the total possible points.

All labs are graded and count toward your final grade. This link gives the details.

Due Dates

This link explains the due dates for pre-labs, in-class work, and post-labs.

Make-up Work

Different policies apply to making up missed work:

In some cases, missed work may be excused. This link explains the policies.

Email Policy

You may send the lab instructor in charge of the labs an email. But, only some kinds of mail will get answered. This link will help you write a message that will get a useful response.