PHYS 545: Contemporary Optics

Winter Quarter, 2015

Section A: PCE Reg. #143947, Section B: UW SLN 21274

T-Th, 7:00-8:50 pm
A-110 Physics-Astronomy Building (PAB)
4 credits
R. Jeffrey Wilkes,
Kenneth Young Memorial Professor of Physics
Office: B303 PAB
Phone: (206) 543-4232
Mailbox: in Physics Department office (C121 PAB)

Precision_Achromat.gif (3690 bytes)
Thick lens: cardinal points

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CLASS IS ONLINE (optionally, in-person) every Tuesday. Click on "How to connect" link below. Slides will be posted on this website in the usual place. I will open the session at 6:45pm each night. IF YOU HAVE TROUBLE CONNECTING, email me, (I will check email before and shortly after the start of class).

Physics MS students and GNMs:
register through UW Extension, use Registration #143947. To get registration forms contact Program Coordinator Chantelle Vollmer <cvollmer@PCE.UW.EDU>,  206.685.9586

Students in other UW graduate programs, or undergraduates (with permission of instructor): register through MyUW, SLN 21274.

Textbook: Pedrotti and Pedrotti, Introduction to Optics, 2007 (3rd) edition.

After the first meeting, this will be a paperless course - no handouts. All needed materials will be posted here. Please print out and bring to class copies of lab handouts.
  1. Course information
  2. Syllabus  (Preliminary - but will be finalized at end of 1st week)
  3. How to connect to online sessions
  4. Lecture notes (will appear here before class, but possibly as late as 6:30 pm!)
  5. Lab handouts (will be posted 24 hr or more before class)
  6.   Suggested problem sets
  7. Programs for ray optics ; for instructions, click on 545programsREADME.html

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Fabry-Perot interferometer: performance vs reflectivity


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