PHYS 545: Contemporary Optics

Spring Quarter, 2012

T-Th, 7:00-8:50 pm
A-114 Physics-Astronomy Building (PAB)
4 credits
R. Jeffrey Wilkes,
Kenneth Young Memorial Professor of Physics
Office: B303 PAB
Phone: (206) 543-4232
Mailbox: in Physics Department office (C121 PAB)

Precision_Achromat.gif (3690 bytes)
Thick lens: cardinal points

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TAKEHOME EXAM 2 IS POSTED IN LECTURES DIRECTORY. Solutions will be posted there Weds 6/6.
Due 5pm Tuesday, June 5 - slip under my door or email scan of your paper.

CLASS IS ONLINE (optionally, in-person) every Tuesday. Click on "How to connect" link below. Slides will be posted on this website in the usual place. I will open the session at 6:45pm each night. IF YOU HAVE TROUBLE CONNECTING, email me, (I will check email before and shortly after the start of class).

Physics MS students and GNMs:
register through UW Extension, use Registration #119392. To get registration forms contact Kim Mechaelis, Program Coordinator,
206.685.6312, Fax 206.616.9704,
Students in other graduate programs, or undergraduates (with permission): register through MyUW, SLN  17651.

Textbook: Pedrotti and Pedrotti, Introduction to Optics, 2007 (3rd) edition.

After the first meeting, this will be a paperless course - no handouts. All needed materials will be posted here. Please print out and bring to class copies of lab handouts.
  1. Course information
  2. Syllabus (updated 3/22! Preliminary - but will be finalized at end of 1st week)
  3. How to connect to online sessions
  4. Books on reserve at Physics Library (library hours are now too limited, so not on the reserve shelf - will announce location in class)
  5. Lecture notes (will appear here before class, but possibly as late as 6:30 pm!)
  6. Lab handouts (will be posted 24 hr or more before class)
  7.   Suggested problem sets
  8. Programs for ray optics ; for instructions, click on 545programsREADME.html

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Fabry-Perot interferometer: performance vs reflectivity


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