ATMS 554 ESS 554, OCEAN 554
Spring 2010

Paleoclimate Proxies

Instructor: Julian Sachs and Eric Steig

Office: OSB 521, JHN 359
Office Hours: by appointment
Telephone: 221-5630, 685-3715

Meeting Times and Locations

Tuesdays and Thursdays

12:00 - 1:20

Ocean Sciences Building 425

Final Papers

-Papers are due Thurs May 10th, 9:00 AM. (A week later than originally scheduled since we moved the exam to the last day of class, Thurs June 3rd.)

-They must be submitted electronically as PDF or Word files.

Problem Set #2
5/17/10, 8:00 PM: PS#2 is now available for download here. It is due in class Tues. May 25th.

Mid-term Exam Solution Key
A few words about the midterm exam--Julian's part:

1. I realize my part of the exam was WAY too long.

2. Many of you did a very nice job on it given the time constraints, and it is clear that you have learned a great deal, which is the most important thing to us.

3. The average score on my part was 63 out of 103 points, with a std. dev. of 18. The median score was 65 and the range was 30-93. I attribute the low median primarily to the length of the exam.  If you scored anywhere above 52 (8 of 11 of you) then you should not worry about a grade below 3.0, and for most of you it would be quite a bit higher than that (e.g., ~3.8 for a 75, ~3.6 for a 70) if grades were being determined on the results of this part of this exam. If you scored below 52 (three people) you should come see me to discuss your exam. (And of course anyone else who would like to discuss their exam should come see me too.)

4. I will endeavor to write a final exam with a length much more appropriate for the allotted time.


Announcement-April 27th, Re: Mid-Term Exam Instructions
We invite you to bring any or all of the required readings to the mid-term exam on Thurs. 4/29.  You are free to consult them as you wish.


Thurs. 4/15/10 - Instead of class at normal time, attend Clumped Isotope Review Lecture by John Eiler (Caltech), 9:45-10:30 AM in UW Faculty Club. You are also encouraged to attend the other lectures on this new and exciting paleotemperature proxy, though you will only be held responsible for the content of Eiler's lecture (or paper--see below).

--> In the event you are unable to attend the Eiler lecture, then please read his 2007 review paper on the subject:

Eiler, J.M. (2007) "Clumped-isotope" geochemistry--The study of naturally-occurring, multiply-substituted isotopologues. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, Vol. 262(3-4): 309-327.

Announcements - April 19, 2010

1. A new schedule of lectures was posted on April 19th.

2. The final exam has been moved to in-class on Friday June 3rd.

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