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Sensory Memory Short Term Memory Long Term Memory
Confidence and Memory Heuristics Attribution
Norms Social Influence & Obedience All Notes in one view

Section 2: Norms

Norms – Standards for behavior
– Can a social norm be created in a laboratory?
    Auto Kinetic Effect
        Had a study in which 3 participants in a darkened room were instructed to focus on a point of light (which happened to be stationary).

     Under these conditions a person tends to experience the Auto kinetic effect, the point of light would appear to start moving.  Each of the participants would see the point of light moving, but not moving equally.  For example participant number 1 may believe that the point of light was moving 4-5 inches. Participant 3 may say the light was moving only one inch.  If the participants are allowed to share their results, the researcher would note that over time the participants' perception would gradually merge.

    It is extremely difficult for humans beings to not comply with a norm.  For example, adolescents who think that they are rebelling against society may choose to get multiple body piercings.  But by doing this, the adolescents are conforming to a different reference group  - their peers, and thus conforming to a stronger norm.





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