Psych 448A Development, Plasticity and Rehabilitation of Sensory Systems

Instructor: Ione Fine, Associate Professor
Time/Location: Tues & Thurs 9.30-11.20

Contact: ionefine at uw dot edu

Note: for add codes email Ione Fine ( ionefine at uw dot edu)

10/9/2012 - Recanzone papers

10/11/2012 Adult neuroplasticity rehab induced/augmented by psychoactive (hallucinogenic) pharm agents - Robert



Description: Over the past few decades, the classic view of the adult brain as hard-wired and unchanging has been dramatically overturned. We'll discuss the ground-breaking basic research behind this change via student-led class presentations. Reading will focus on key original research and review papers from the human and animal literatures. The course will emphasize applications of the basic research to improving the human condition.

At our weekly meetings, students give informal presentations on topics chosen by the group.

Grading is based on presentation quality, participation in class discussion, and writing a 'grant proposal'. The goal is to give students a good training in how to evaluate real research literature and how to express their ideas in writing within the context of a open and welcoming discussion forum.

Example topics include (this is just an example list)

Born into a "bright buzzing confusion" - how do sensory systems develop?

What are the limits of adult sensory plasticity?

Cross-modal plasticity - the effects of blindness and deafness on the brain

Adult neurogenesis - can the adult brain form new neurons?

Prozac-induced plasticity

Meditation-induced plasticity

Compensation for massive brain loss.

Phantom limbs



Brain-machine interfaces & neural prostheses

The aging brain