Prosem 500

3.30-5.20 Thurs ANNEX 3 Room 120

Ione Fine

The goal of this class is to provide an informal forum in which students can be introduced to the UW psychology community and trained in professionalization and ethics. The goal is for students to obtain multiple perspectives on research, scientific integrity and career development from members of the UW Psychology community.  Most of the classes will involve a free form discussion with postdocs and members of the UW faculty. Some somewhat more formal lectures on topics like time management, grant-writing, professional ethics, lab management and how to give a good talk will also be offered.

OPEN CLASS means that the class is open to non-1st year psychology students.


1. Apr 3 - NO PROSEM

2. Apr 8 - Admissions discussion (OPEN MEETING)

3. Apr 17 (OPEN MEETING) Life outside the ivory tower.

Kristie Fisher is a cognitive psychologist working as a user researcher at Microsoft Studios. She works with game producers and development teams to improve user experience for digital exclusive games.

Alex Scharff. Microsoft Research. His job is to ensure that what Google makes is usable and appealing to real people. To do this, he does user research to determine what to build, how to build it, and whether we have built the right thing.

4. Apr 24 (OPEN MEETING) Life outside the ivory tower.

Susan Stoner. Susan is currently a Research Scientist at Talaria, Inc., a developer of web-based assessments, clinical tools, psychological skills training interventions, and health education applications. She's also an affiliate Instructor at the Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine at UW.

Erin Harley. Works at a scientific consulting company. Exponent. Their multidisciplinary team of scientists, physicians, engineers, and regulatory consultants perform either in-depth scientific research and analysis, or very rapid-response evaluations, to provide our clients with the critical information that both day-to-day and strategic decisions can require. 

5. May 1 - How to write a paper and/or a grant proposal

6. May 8 - Marsha Linehan

7. May 15- No prosem

8. Mar 22 - No prosem

9. Mar 29 -

10. June 5 - Party at our house???

1 class per semester can be missed without permission from the instructor.
To miss additional classes permission should be obtained (much better to do it beforehand).


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