American Architecture - TCXUS 276
The Industrial Revolution; The Lure of the Past

Kirk Boott, Plan for Merrimack Manufacturing Company, Lowell, MA, 1821
Boott Mills, Lowell, 1823
Boarding Houses, Lowell, 1820s
William Strickland, Second Bank of the United States, Philadelphia, 1818-24
Iktinos and Kallikrates, Parthenon, Athens, Greece, 447-432 BC
Robert Mills, State Record Office (Fireproof Building), Charleston, SC, 1822-27
Robert Mills, Treasury Building, Washington, DC, 1836-42,
Notre Dame, Paris, begun 1163
Richard Upjohn, Trinity Church, New York, 1839-46
Richard Upjohn, Kingscote, Newport, RI, 1841
"Lace House," Black Hawk, CO, c. 1860
James Renwick, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC, 1846-55
Henry Austin, Grove St. Cemetery Gate, New Haven, 1845
Henry Austin, Morse House, Portland, ME, 1859
John P. Gaynor, Haughwout Building, NYC, 1857