American Architecture - TCXUS 276
Utopian Communities/The Antebellum South

The Cloister, the Saal, Ephrata, PA, 1740
Chapel, interior, Ephrata
Works Progress Administration (WPA) Map of Mount Lebanon, New York, Map, 1939, community founded 1785
Joshua Bussell, Plan of Poland, Maine, watercolor, 1850, Andrews Collection, Winterthur, Delaware
Meeting House, Hancock, MA (originally built in Shirley, MA), 1793
Round Barn, Hancock, 1826
Round Barn, Hancock, plans of cattle floor, driveway floor, and cross section
Church Family, Dwelling House, Hancock, 1830
Meeting Room, Church Family, Dwelling House, Hancock
George Swainey, Oak Alley, Alexander Roman house, St. James Parish, near Vacherie, LA, 1836
Magnolia Hall, Natchez, Mississippi, 1858
Gordon-Lee Mansion, Chickamauga, GA, 1847
Slave quarters, Chickamauga
Shotgun house, Fort Adams, MS, early 20th c.
Shotgun houses, Fort Adams, MS, early 20th c.
Shotgun house (camelback), New Orleans, n.d.
Shotgun house plans, single and double
Shotgun house, Chancerelles, near Port-au-Prince, Haiti, 20th c.