Imagery at the Time of Independence I

Charles Willson Peale, George Washington at Princeton, 1779, oil on canvas, Pennsylvania  Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia
Gilbert Stuart, George Washington (Lansdowne Portrait), 1796, oil on canvas, Pennsylvania  Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia, 96x60"
Ralph Earl, Roger Sherman, c. 1775, oil on canvas, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut
Benjamin West, Ben Franklin Drawing Electricity from the Sky, 1805, oil on canvas,  Philadelphia Museum of Art, 34x25cm
Sir Joshua Reynolds, Mrs. Siddons as the Tragic Muse, 1784; oil on canvas, Huntington Art  Gallery, San Marino, California, 236x146cm
John Trumbull, Declaration of Independence, 1819, oil on canvas, U.S. Capitol, Washington, DC
John Trumbull, Death of General Montgomery in the Attack on Quebec, 1786, oil on canvas,  Yale University Art Gallery
Benjamin West, The Death of General Wolfe, 1770, oil on canvas, National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, 60x84"
John Vanderlyn, The Death of Jane McCrea, 1804, oil on canvas, Wadsworth Athenaeum,  Hartford, Connecticut, 32x26 1/2"
Charles Willson Peale, Peale Family Group, c. 1770-1773, 1808, oil on canvas, New-York  Historical Society, New York City
Charles Willson Peale, The Artist in His Museum, 1822, oil on canvas, Pennsylvania Academy  of Fine Arts, 103 3/4x79 7/8"
Gilbert Stuart, Mrs. Richard Yates, 1793-1794, oil on canvas, Andrew W. Mellon Collection, 77x63cm.
John Lewis Krimmel, Fourth of July in Center Square, c. 1810-12, oil on canvas, Pennsylvania  Academy of Fine Arts
Francis Guy, Winter Scene in Brooklyn, 1817-20, oil on canvas, Brooklyn Museum
Horatio Greenough, George Washington, 1833-41, marble, Smithsonian Institution, Washington,  D.C., 11'4" tall
Hiram Powers, Andrew Jackson, 1835, marble, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, 34" h