Modern Architecture - TCXG 379

Checklist for Comparison Paper


Use this checklist, along with the assignment in the syllabus, as you complete your paper. See also the guidelines in Sylvan Barnet for writing comparison and research papers. If you have any questions, you can also consult the complete Chicago Manual of Style, ask me, or consult the Center for Teaching and Learning.




__Title page with title of paper.

__Images of buildings you discuss in your paper with captions (see Barnet book, pp. 308-310).

__1" margins.

__Justified left only.

__12-point Roman, Times Roman, CG Times, or Courier type.

__Double-spaced (except in notes and bibliography).

__Pages numbered.




__Thesis is stated clearly in introductory paragraph.

__Each paragraph has one driving idea.

__Good transitions within paragraphs and between paragraphs.

__Stick to subject.

__Paper includes the following:

             __Formal analysis of the two works selected for your paper to support your thesis or illustrate a point you want to make.

             __Historic context for the works you discuss.

__Appropriate use of evidence to support your thesis.

__Anticipate and respond to counter evidence.

__A conclusion in which you state the significance of what you have learned.




__Each idea or fact obtained from other authors or sources is documented clearly in footnotes or endnotes to avoid plagiarism. Notes have specific page numbers.

__Material taken verbatim from other sources must be enclosed by quotation marks unless the quotation is long enough to be set off as a block quotation.

__You have included a bibliography.

__All documentation follows Chicago Manual of Style.

__You have used a minimum of five scholarly sources, not counting Internet sources (online journal articles are fine).




__Perfectly and fully proofread.

__Proper formal diction (no conversational language, slang, or jargon).

__Language clear and concise.

__Do not use first person singular (I, me, my, myself). This will help you tighten up your writing.

__Appropriate choice of verb tense.

__Avoid the passive voice. Use active verbs.