Psychobiology of Women

Synopsis of Course Requirements

GWSS 357/PSYCH 357

This is a summary of course requirements and procedures designed to provide a quick view of various aspects of this course. You can work with it here or download or print the document for easy reference.

It is NOT intended to be the final word on ANY class related questions, nor is it intended to convey all of the material contained in the Syllabus and Schedules!

Use this synopsis at your own discretion. Hyperlinks are included to direct you to relevant information on the class website.

As always, please refer to your syllabus, reading schedule,
or ask Professor Kenney or your T.A. if you have any questions or confusion

Course Website

*Hints for studying: "Announcements" tab
*Practice Exams: "Practice Exams & Review/Study Materials" tab
*Lecture videos: "Lecture Videocast" tab (links to Canvas)
*Supplemental Reading for Leading Discussion: "Course Readings/Commonview" tab
*Information on Paper/Leading Discussion: "Discussion Sections" tab

*Primary source: Reader
*Add'l readings (for Leading Discussion): "Course Readings/Commonview" tab
(links to Catalyst Commonview)

Needed Supplies
Course Reader
Top Hat Account
3 Scantron Forms
No. 2 Pencil


Three Exams (60 points each x 3 exams) - 180 points

Participation in Lecture:
QQQs (1 point each x 18 questions) - 18 points
Survey Q's (.5 point each x 12 questions) -6 points

Quiz Section Activities:
Active Participation (1-2 points during discussion) - 14 points
Co-Lead Discussion on Selected Topic - 5 points
2-3 page Paper on Selected Topic - 45 points

Course Grand Total - 268 points

Service-Learning Bonus Points:
Students selecting the service-learning option can earn up to 11 course points for their involvement in service learning. Details for how these points are earned can be found on the Service Learning page. All of the service-learning points are over and above the 268 course points potentially earned from tests, paper(s)/presentation and quiz section activities.


96+% 4.0
95 3.9
94 3.8
93 3.7
92 3.6
91 3.5
90 3.4
89 3.3
88 3.2
87 3.1
86 3.0
85 2.9
84 2.8
83 2.7
(see Current Tests for complete chart)
73 1.7
63 0.7
62 0.0

3 Exams
" In Class: Tuesday, October 24 (first hour of class)
" In Class: Tuesday, November 21 (first hour of class)
" Final: Wednesday, December 13, 10:30 AM (unusual day and time! same room!)
60 points each (180 total points)

Style of Questions for Exams
" Multiple Choice
" True-False
" Fill-In
" Matching
" 2-3 Short Answer

*Lecture material is CUMULATIVE (tests will cover everything from first day of class up to that test).
*Reading/Discussion material will only be covered on subsequent test,
UNLESS it is also covered in lecture! (then it will be cumulative).
*Supplemental discussion material (by discussion leaders) is NOT covered on test.

Participation In Lecture:
Quick Quiz Questions (QQQs) - 18 total - 1 point each for CORRECT answer
=18 total points possible

*Asked and answered in class using Top Hat system
*Questions will relate to on-going lecture and relevant previous lectures
*May use notes & slides, but no "collaboration" with others

Survey Questions - Lots, but 12 total will count for credit - 0.5 point each for CORRECT answer
=6 total points possible

Quiz Section Activities:
Read 2-3 Articles PRIOR to each Quiz Section (Found in Reader):
" Discuss and Actively Participate
14 points possible
Choose 1 out of 5 Topics:
" Read Supplemental Material for that topic
" Co-Lead Quiz Section in a discussion of that topic (found in Catalyst Commonview)
5 points possible

" Write 2-3 page paper covering a SPECIFIC ISSUE regarding that topic, using material below
(Ideas for specific issues can be found on course website: "Discussion Section" tab)
(You may also think of your own issue)
APA style preferred, MLA/Chicago style accepted
45 points possible
Grading Rubric for paper available on course website: "Discussion Section" tab
(2 points are for taking a draft to Writing Center for editing!)
For Information on Writing Centers- course website: "Discussion Section" tab
" Material to analyze for paper:
1) Assigned Readings for Entire Class (for that topic) (found in READER)
2) Supplemental Readings found on (for that topic) (found in Catalyst Commonview ONLINE)
3) One *additional* scholarly article (for that topic) (found ON YOUR OWN)
TWO (out of 6-7) of the ASSIGNED/SUPPLEMENTAL readings and
ONE (out of 1) of the article you find ON YOUR OWN

Paper grading: 45 total points
Content (16 points)
" Strength of the thesis statement (logical, clear thesis) (6 pts)
" Appropriate use of papers to support argument (5 pts)
" Clear and appropriate referencing of ideas (5 pts)
Organization and Clarity (16 points)
" Organized (thesis, supporting paragraphs, conclusion) (7 pts)
" Logical flow of ideas (5 pts)
" Easy to follow (4 pts)
Style (6 points)
" Grammar & Spelling correct (3 pts)
" Paper written using formal language, use of academic style (3 pts)
Formatting (4 points)
" APA style preferred, MLA/Chicago style accepted
" font, margins as expected
" consistent/accurate referencing style
Additional article (1 point)
" appropriate scholarly article not popular magazine or newspaper
First Draft and Writing Center Review (2 points)
" make an appointment in advance
" have the writing center tutor:
1) sign the edited draft and
2) indicate their center





Contact the instructor at: nkenney@u.washington.edu