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Celebrating Wildflowers
Celebrating Wildflowers is a collaborative commemoration between federal natural resource agencies emphasizing the importance of conservation and management of native plants and plant habitats.

Celebrating Wildflowers Coloring Pages!

At the bottom of this page, you'll find a link to a printable coloring page. Come back again for a different wildflower coloring page!

Coloring Page

flower drawing
Earth Day 2013  
Location: Olympic Sculpture Park   Date: Saturday, April 20, 2013
Western Ave. & Broad Street, Seattle   Time: TBA
Rare Care offers hands-on activities during the Seattle Art Museum's 2013 Earth Day celebration at the Olympic Sculpture Park. Take home mini-plant presses with flowers you press yourself. The Olympic Sculpture Park and Earth Day activities are free for the entire family.
Families press flowers and take them home for art projects   Little ones take on the role of pollinators
Visitors examine and touch a table full of mosses   Two children play pollinator game
Celebrating Wildflowers: A brief history

In 1991 the Celebrating Wildflowers program was initiated in the Pacific Northwest "to promote conservation and appreciation of wildflowers and their habitats." In 2002, Rare Care assumed the leadership role in the Seattle area. For nearly a decade, we celebrated the aesthetic, recreational, biological, medicinal and economic values of Washington State's wildflowers by hosting an annual event full of hands-on activities. Currently, Rare Care presents several of these activities at other festivals and outreach events in the Seattle area.
Celebrating Wildflowers Coloring Page  

flower drawing

Karl Urban of Umatilla National Forest in Oregon made these wildflower drawings for you to color. Visit our website again for another wildflower coloring page.


Some people think these flowers look like little elephant heads, so one of the common names for Pedicularis groenlandica is elephanthead lousewort. It's related to a rare plant that grows only on or near Mt. Rainier. Guess what that one's called? Mt. Rainier lousewort, of course (Pedicularis rainierensis)!

Pedicularis groenlandica coloring page
Learn about other rare plants in Washington State


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