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supports efforts to monitor, research, conserve and reintroduce rare plants of Washington.
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From a land manager in response to a rare plant monitoring report detailing Rare Care's find of the rare Geyer's milk-vetch (Astragalus geyeri):

"Thank you! This is fantastic news. I tried to find this [rare plant population] earlier last year and was unable to locate it. We are nominating this area as part of an Area of Environmental Concern, and this is great current information to use in favor of keeping vehicles on the constructed gravel road only."

Rare Care volunteer
Rare Care volunteers

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With your donations, Rare Care is developing a knowledgeable and skilled cadre of plant conservationists to respond to land managers' most urgent priorities. In 2012, we:
  • Provided two teams of volunteers to survey the State Endangered and USFWS Species of Concern Rorippa columbiae (persistent-sepal yellowcress) along the Columbia River;
  • Continued the search for new occurrences of the State Threatened and USFWS Threatened Silene spaldingii (Spalding's catchfly) southeast of Spokane;
  • Surveyed for State Endangered Orthocarpus bracteosus (rosy owl-clover) in southern Washington in response to the land manager's confidence that there were additional populations that have never been documented;
  • Provided volunteers to monitor the State Threatened and USFWS Species of Concern Lathyrus torreyi (Torrey's peavine) in western Washington before scheduled development occurs; and
  • Monitored occurrences of the rare Lycopodium dendroideum (treelike clubmoss) and Dryopteris cristata (crested shield-fern) in the northeast corner of the state.

Rare Care volunteer writing field notes

Counting plants
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