Advanced Rendering is a course that focuses on

complex physical processes that occur during

light transport and material reflection/refraction/transmission within a given

geometry to generate digital images that can

mimic the physical world and

predict the final appearance of a design.


Lectures and Lab sessions

Jan 5 Lecture: Introduction

Jan 7 Lecture: Quality of renderings: The good, the bad, and the ugly

Jan 12 Lecture: Raster and Vector Graphics

Jan 14 Lab: 3D modeling

Jan 19 Lab: Lab: Introduction to 3DS Max Design

Jan 21 Lab: Lecture: Rendering algorithms

Jan 26 Lab: Modeling Materials - 1

Feb 2 Lecture: Material appearances, Reflection/Refraction/Transmission, Lecture: Textures

Feb 4 Lab: Work session

Feb 9 Lab: Modeling Materials -2

Feb 11 Lab: Modeling Materials in Shack

Feb 16 Lecture: Daylighting and Electric Lighting

Feb 18 Lab: Daylighting and Electric Lighting

Feb 23 Lecture: High Dynamic Range Imagery Lecture: Image based Rendering

Feb 25 Lab: Image based Rendering

Mar 2 Lab: Work session

Mar 4: Take-home Exam (no class)

Mar 9: Lab: Work session


Mar 11: Student Presentations - 1 @ Gould 007 between 10:30 - 12:00

Mar 17: Student Presentations - 2 @ Gould 100 between 1:00 -3:00





3ds Max design

High Resolution Image Probes

Sky probes


Course Resources



University of Washington, Department of Architecture

(3 credit hours) Winter 2010

Tuesday and Thursday, 10:30 – 11:50 @ Digital Commons (Gould 007)

Instructor: Mehlika Inanici, Architecture Hall 130M,,

Office hours: Wednesdays (by appointment)

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