Overview of SMARTPsych Web Site

The SMARTPsych website is a tool for you to use as a student in psychology statistics/methods courses at the UW and beyond. There are several resources on this page to assist you in becoming a proficient psychology researcher. The SMARTPsych website was developed by Laura Little, Beth Kerr, Bryan Cochran, and Christopher (CJ) Jones, faculty members and graduate students in the Psychology Department at the University of Washington.


First, there are LESSONS to assist you in learning about interactions, brushing up on your mathematics background, and selecting statistical tests.

Second, the SMARTPsych site is packed with TUTORIALS to help you in learning about different software packages that are often used in psychology research, including MS Excel and SPSS.

Third, the WINDOWS TO RESEARCH section has examples of experiments that have been conducted in the area of psychology. You can read about these experiments and test your knowledge of statistics and methodology by answering the questions that follow them.

Fourth, the GLOSSARY has dozens of definitions of terms that you will encounter in your process of becoming a psychology researcher.

Fifth, the CAMPUS RESOURCES section is geared toward informing you of how to meet your computing and writing needs while at the UW.

Finally, a series of LINKS will take you to sites that explore in-depth questions about statistics and methodology.

Welcome, and we hope that this tool will be a useful one for you.