The SAM (Statistics and Methods) Lab at the University of Washington

The department of psychology's SAM Lab houses four ultra-fast PCs (all equipped with Microsoft Excel, SPSS, and internet access) for your use as a student of statistics/methods. It is your resource for working with data, creating graphical displays of results, and running statistical tests. Most important, though, are the resources of your teaching assistants and colleagues, who congregate at the SAM Lab in a harmonious exchange of ideas and if you don't know how to get there, you would be wise to follow the directions below.

The SAM Lab is located in room 210C of the Chemistry Library Building (CHL), which is directly across Stevens Way from Guthrie Hall.

The CHL has a ground floor, 1st floor, and 2nd floor. The SAM Lab is on the 2nd floor. If you enter from the Guthrie side, you enter the CHL at the lowest level. If you enter from the main campus side of the CHL, you enter the CHL at the middle level. The stairway to the top (2nd) floor is not located at the same place as the stairway to the 1st floor. You must follow the signs to the 2nd floor that are located in the 1st floor hallways.

Check your course website to see when your TA is scheduled to be in the SAM Lab.