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Spanish 134 uses Destinos, an audiovisual method based on a soap opera.  In this "planned immersion" approach, students learn the foreign language in its cultural context. Through the use of video as the central medium of presentation, students experience the language as it occurs in real-life situations and settings throughout the Spanish-speaking world. This communicative method follows the premise that the four language skills are most effectively developed when acquired in a specific order: listening, speaking, reading, writing.

This course covers the equivalent of the first year of elementary Spanish (101, 102, 103) in a period of ONLY nine weeks.  During this time, you will have three different instructors: one for weeks one through three, another for weeks four through six, and a final instructor for weeks seven through nine.  There are a total of 52 episodes, which translate into 52 chapters in your textbook. It is an extremely intensive course that requires the utmost commitment on the part of the student (3 ½ hours of class five days a week, and 3 hours of daily preparation). Students who register for this course should be prepared to devote 7-8 hours daily to studying Spanish.

Advantages of this Method:

•  Students learn the grammar of the language through the development of an interesting plot and a very culture-related concept: la telenovela (soap opera).

•  Students "travel" to different regions and countries of the Spanish-speaking world, learning not only the language, but also important and interesting cultural information.

•  Students are exposed to different varieties of Spanish as the characters travel to different locations.

•  Vocabulary and grammar are introduced and reinforced visually, sometimes directly and sometimes gradually.  You will be amazed at how much you actually learn without direct instruction, just by watching the videos.

Required Materials:

Textbook:        Destinos: An Introduction to Spanish

Workbook:      Workbook/Study Guide I and II. An Introduction to Spanish

Packet:            Course Pack: Spanish 134 -- available at the University Bookstore

Dictionary:      A Spanish-English/English-Spanish Dictionary

Suggested Materials:

English Grammar for Students of Spanish, by Emily Spinelli