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     Speech Communication

     Welcome to the Argumentation Home Page. This is a website designed to give you information and examples to supplement the instruction you receive in class. The material for the web site was chosen not only to be helpful in your comprehension of the information, but also to aid in your research. Library tips, web site information, and links to interesting and useful web pages are also included.

     None of the work you will do here is graded nor will it be seen by your instructor. It is only here to help you improve your argumentation skills. This website is not intended to be a substitute for attending class. If you find that you are still confused by a concept or are having difficulty working through an example, ask your instructor.

     An argument is a set of statements in which a claim is made, support is offered for it, in an attempt to influence someone in a context of disagreement. These parts of an argument are called Claim, Evidence, and Reasoning

Claim / Evidence / Reasoning

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Speech Communication