Speech Communication
L I N K S  T O  A  F E W
R E S E A R C H  S I T E S

Search Engines

AOL Search LookSmart
AltaVista * Lycos
Ask Jeeves MSN Search
Direct Hit NBCi
Excite Netscape Search
FAST Search Northern Light
Google * Open Directory
HotBot RealNames
IWon Yahoo *

Government Info Sites

US Library of Congress
US Census Bureau
Stat-USA - Statistical information from the US Department of Commerce
Thomas - Legislative Information from the Library of Congress
Official Federal Government Web Sites - A directory of government agencies on-line

Writing Aids

APA style guide
MLA style guide
Meriam Webster Dictionary
Meriam Webster Thesaurus

Other Informative Sites Douglass - Northwestern University's Archive of American Public Address
Oyez - Northwestern University's Supreme Court Transcripts
The New York Times

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Speech Communication