ARCH 503 Fall Quarter, 2001
Digital Design Studio

People, Places, and Play








We will design for people, create great places and play with physical and digital technology.

This is an experimental studio. It will be whatever you make it — a fantasy design project, detailed tectonic study, intellectual pursuit of design methodology, or simply a mind-opening experience toward innovation and computation. We will explore the creative powers of computing technologies in the architectural design of buildings and artifacts for people, places, and play.

We will investigate, choose or invent programs and design the 5 th Avenue area in North Seattle. The possibilities include (but are not limited to) commercial buildings, a community center, retail shops or interior design, pedestrian streetscape, car-free neighborhood, bus shelter and street furniture, housing, and open space. We will use interplay of traditional and digital media including clay and Plexiglas, photomontage and animations as sources of imagination and inspiration. The design process will include virtual presentations and cyber reviews.


The studio will involve readings and discussions of IT Revolution in Architecture Series (Birkhauser) and related issues, a fieldtrip to Vancouver, BC, Canada, interdisciplinary collaborations with lighting studio and urban design studios, and design presentation at community workshops sponsored by the City of Seattle.

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