Dan Andrews

Dan Andrews
Research Paper Proposal and
Annotated Bibliography
April 1998

Fishing and Conservation on the Columbia

My paper will cover the Columbia River from a fisherman's as well as a conservationist's point of view. I will cover some of the fish species found in the Columbia and track the abundance or lack of certain fish species. It is my goal to try to see just how bad the fishing has gotten since the Columbia was transformed into a working machine. I will discuss some history of the Columbia as well.


Netboy, Peter. "Salmon of the Pacific Northwest Fish VS. Dams. Portland, Oregon: Binford and Mort Publishers, 1958 This is obviously a good choice given my topic, Although an older book it is full of great stuff.

Yaffee, Steven. "The Wisdom of the Spotted Owl Policy Lessons for a New Century. Washington D.C.: Island Press, 1994 This book seems rather hard to understand however given the salmon's current status the spotted owl is a good reflecting point.

The University of British Columbia. Salmon Protection and the B.C Coastal Forest Industry Environmental Regulations as a Bargaining Process. BEST-Printer Co. Ltd., 1980 This book seems like it might have some interesting points coming from the Canadian perspective.

Netboy,Anthony. Salmon the World's Most Harassed Fish. Tulsa Oklahoma: Winchester Press, 1980 This guy really writes some good stuff I like his style of writing, cold hard facts.

Harden, Blaine. A River Lost the Life and Death of the Columbia. NewYork London : W.W. Norton and Company Ltd., 1996 Although I hated this book I am sure that I might find something to use from it.

Dietrich, William. Northwest Passage the Great Columbia River. Seattle WA: University of Washington Press, 1997 I liked this book and I might use a little bit of it for my paper although I will be careful as to not use to much because Dietrich seems to lack backing on a lot of his statements.

Mighetto, Lisa and Ebel Wesley. Saving The Salmon. Seattle WA: Historical Research Associates, 1994.

Idaho Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit. Small-Scale Investigations into Chinook Salmon Supplementation. University of Idaho, 1992-94 This study was done in cooperation with the US Fish and Wildlife Service and it contains some very interesting studies on Chinook both wild and hatchery reared.

Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission. Policy of Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife and Western Washington Treaty Tribes Concerning Wild Salmonids : 1997. This is a policy on saving wild salmon stocks and it contains several methods for restoration.

Victor, Francis Mrs. The River of the West. Connecticut: R.W. Bliss and Co. 1869. This book is a fossil however it is quite interesting. The book tells pioneer stories about the Northwest.

Boit, John. Voyage of the Columbia. Portland, Oregon: Beaver Books, 1960 What would a paper on the Columbia River be without a little history on the Europeans first invasion upon it?

Ruby, Robert, Brown, John. Half Sun on the Columbia. Oklahoma: University of Oklahoma Press, 1965 This is essentially a biography of Chief Moses. I think it is important to include a little history in any paper written about the Columbia.

Haines, Frances. The Nez Perces. Oklahoma: University of Oklahoma Press, 1955 Once again these Indians were not only fisherman they were an important fixture of the Columbia Basin and they have an interesting history.

Stewart, Hilary. Indian Fishing Early Methods on the Northwest Coast. Seattle and London: The University of Washington Press, 1977 This book has some cool illustrations some of which I may use for my presentation.

Stouder, Deanna, Bisson, Peter, Naiman, Robert. Pacific Salmon and Their Ecosystems. International Thompson Publishing, 1997 This book contains some interesting answers to restoring salmon and habitat a definite hit.

N.O.A.A., Proposed Recovery Plan for Snake River Salmon. 1995 This is a government release and it is probably a good political analysis on the salmon crisis.

Smith, Courtland. Salmon Fishers of the Columbia. Oregon: Oregon State University Press,1979 This book is very informative. Smith not only covers fishing he goes into habitat decimation, very good book.

The Independent Scientific Group. Return to the River. No publisher listed, 1996 This book has something to do with the Northwest Power Planning Council it is a supposed restoration effort study. Could be hoop-la I will further investigate.

Mckervill, Hugh. The Salmon People. Vancouver B.C. Canada: Evergreen Press Ltd., 1967 Although this book is a from a Canadian perspective it contains lots of salmon stuff that might be useful.

Lamb, Andy and Edgell, Phil. Coastal Fishes of the Pacific Northwest. Vancouver B.C. Canada: Harbour Publishing 1986 This book identifies some of the very same fish that navigate the Columbia and will be helpful for species identification.

Bolling, David. How to Save a River. Washington D.C., Covelo California: Island Press 1994 This book covers river conservation and it is primarily a cytizen action plan on how to save a polluted or transformed river.

Jones, F.R. Fish Migration. New York: St. Martins Press 1968.

The Pacific Rivers Council. Entering the Watershed. Washington D.C., Covelo California: Island Press 1993 This is a policy book that discusses policy flaws and gives questions and answers about river damage.

Palmer, Tim. The Snake River. Washington D.C., Covelo California: Island Press: 1991 This is a book on the Snake River, which is the Columbia Rivers largest tributary. The book discusses some of the history and development on the Snake.

Yates, Steven. Adopting a Stream. Seattle, London: The University of Washington Press. 1988 This book talks a little bit about everything having to do with stream ecology and gives examples on ho to repair the damage done.

Heuvelmans, Martin. The River Killers. Harrisburg, Pa: Stackpole Books. 1974 This book rips apart the Army Core of Engineers. The author discusses many of the projects done by the core that he feels were unnecessary.

Brown, Bruce. Mountain in the Clouds. New York: Simon and Shuster. 1982 There is a more current edition of this book available I just got this one out because the other is on reserve. Brown covers wild salmon in this book. Wild salmon are a very important issue to the salmon savors. The wild salmon are becoming more and more rare and this book discusses that.


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