Doug Wolfe

Doug Wolfe
Proposal for research paper
Annotated Bibliography
April 11,1998
TLSUS 449cb, Spring 1998

Rocky Reach Dam

The research project I am about to under take, is on the Rocky Reach Hydro Project. The issues I intend to cover are; why was the dam located where it is? What impact did the re-location of the town of Entiat have on the community? Was there a choice to re-locate or just let the town die? What economic changes surrounded the town after the relocation? Did the town benefit form the relocation? What impact did the dam have on the surrounding environment? The problems I am finding on the above issues so far are that many of the resources are for library use only. Many of them are located at the Seattle branch. This may mean taking an additional trip to Seattle. Many of the resources are also legal documents that may be hard to obtain because they are bound with other documents. This may just take a bit longer to research. In addition, I have contacted the Chelan county PUD who over sees the Rocky Reach dam, for some historical material. Currently they have sent a couple of videos, which are not too bad, but not what I was looking for. The PUD gives a two day educational program for educators, and I am trying to get them to send me their materials they use for the class. I believe I will be taking a trip over there to dig up more research material from the local archives, visit the Chelan County PUD, and the Entiat chamber of commerce, if they have one.

Beck, R. W. and Associates "Analysis of Operations, Public Utility District No.1 of Chelan County, Washington, Rocky reach Hydro-Electric System" Seattle Washington 1957-1987.Covers Rocky Reach Hydro Electric System, periodicals.

Beck, R. W. and Associates, Analysis of Operations, Public Utility District No.1 of Chelan County, Washington, Rocky reach Hydro-Electric System , Seattle Washington 1956-1987. Covers Rock Island Hydro Electric System, periodicals.

Chelan County Public Utility District No.1 (Wash), Columbia River-Rock Island hydro-electric system; financial and operating statement, Wenatchee 1965. Reports on public utilities finance and power utilization.

Chelan County Public Utility District No.1 (Wash), Information on Rocky Reach Dam Project Wenatchee Washington, Wenatchee 1954, 19 l. Col. Diagram. Covers project information on Rocky Reach Dam.

Chelan County Public Utility District, Lights On I: Our Electric Heritage in Chelan County, Chelan WA., .........This is a video that gives a historical back ground on the early development of electricity in Chelan County.

Chelan County Public Utility District, Lights On II: The Continuing Story of our Electric Heritage in Chelan County , Chelan WA.,......This video continues the heritage of electricity in Chelan county.

Chelan County Public Utility District No.1 (Wash), Rocky Reach Dam; hydro electric project constructed by Chelan County P.U.D., Wenatchee, Washington. Dedicated July 20, 1963, press kit, Wenatchee, 1963. This is a portfolio released to the public.

Columbia Basin Inter-Agency Committee, Report on ultimate capacities for planning purpose of power plants in the Columbia River system, [n.p.] 1958. Reports on Columbia River power utilization and power plants.

Copenhagen, Max, J., Hydrometeorological Records of the Entiat Barometer Watershed, 1966-1978, Wenatchee National Forest, Entiat Ranger District Region six, 1978. This shows hydrometeorological statistics of the Entiat river watershed.

Davidson, F. A., Columbia River Temperature at Rock Island Dam from 1913 to 1968, Ephrata, WA., PUD of Grant County. This shows temperature recordings on the Columbia river around the Rocky Reach dam area.

Dugwyler, Jack, Plan and dam site Entiat River, Washington [map]/ mapped, edited, and published by the Geological Survey, Washington D.C., 1960. The relief map shows contours and spot heights, and location of Entiat River dam site.

Green, William J., Paddeling the lower Columbia River: A Summary of a 1996 Paddlers Survey, Seattle WA., Washington Sea Grant Program, 1997. This reviews the recreational use and survey on the Columbia river via canoes and kayaks.

Gunkel, Alexander, A comparative cultural analysis of four archeological sites in the Rocky Reach Reservoir region, Pullman, Washington, Washington State University, 1961. This reviews four archeological sites within the proposed Rocky Reach reservoir.

Hastay, Millard, The Columbia River as a Resource: Socio-economic Considerations of diversion and the Value of Columbia River Water, Pullman, State of Washington Water Research Center, Washington State University, and University of Washington, 1971. This reviews the water resource development in the Columbia river Valley and water rights.

International Columbia River Engineering Board, Water Resources of the Columbia River Basin, as reported to the International Joint Commission, Ottowa: The Board, 1959. This reviews the water resources and development, and water power on the Columbia river watersheds.

Joint Planning Office, Wenatchee, Wash, Relocation plan for Entiat, Washington, 1958, prepared for the town of Entiat and the State Department of Commerce and Economic Development under Urban Planning Assistance Contract no. 12. Wenatchee, Washington, 1958. This reviews the relocation of Entiat to provide for Rocky Reach Dam.

Meekin, Thomas K., An evaluation of the Rocky Reach Chinook Salmon Spawning Channel, 1961-1968, Olympia Washington, Department of Fisheries, 1971. This looks at the Chinook reproduction, counting eggs, venturi tubes and fish culture on the Columbia river.

Northwest Power Planning Council (U.S.) Columbia Basin Fish and Wildlife Authority, Wenatchee, Entiat, and Upper Columbia sub-basins: draft, Portland OR.: Northwest Power Planning Council, 1988. This looks at various watersheds and the effects on fisheries, including the Entiat watershed.

Public Utility District No.1 (Chelan County, wash), Exhibit R recreation plan; Rock Island Hydro electric power project, Columbia River, Wenatchee, Washington , submitted to the Federal Power Commission for F.P.C. project no. 943. Wenatchee, Wash, the District 1978. This addresses the Rock Island project for recreation areas, planning, and environmental aspects.

Public Utility District No.1 (Chelan County, wash), Exhibit R recreation plan; Rock Island Hydro electric power project, Columbia River, Wenatchee, Washington, submitted to the Federal Power Commission for F.P.C. project no. 943. Wenatchee, Wash, the District 1975 This addresses the Rock Island project for recreation areas, planning, and environmental aspects.

Rocky Reach Hydro Project (PUD), This address covers all aspects of the dam, which includes history, construction, river flow, turbines, visitor information, geology, and more information related to the Rocky Reach Dam.

Stone and Webster Engineering Corporation, Construction report: Rocky Reach Hydro-electric project, presented to the P.U.D. no.1 of Chelan County, Wenatchee, Washington no. 1-22. Boston, Mass., 1957-1962. Reviews construction progress on Rocky Reach Dam.

Toner and Associates, Design for Action: Columbia River Stewardship Project, Portland OR., Arnold Cogan and Associates, 1975. Includes subjects on water resources/development on the Columbia river and planning. Economic and environmental aspects are reviewed along with recreational use.

United States Army Corps of Engineers, North Pacific Division, Water resources development of the Columbia River basin; A report by the division Engineer, U.S. Army Engineer Division, North Pacific, reported to the Chief of Engineers, United States Army. Portland Oregon, U.S. Army Engineer Division, North Pacific, 1958. This reports on the water resources development and Columbia river watershed.

United States Bonneville Power Administration, Columbia River Power System, Portland OR., US Department of the Interior, Bonneville Power Administration, 1948. This looks into the hydroelectric power plants in the pacific northwest.

United States Office of Hydropower Licensing, Draft environmental impact statement, application to increase reservoir pool level for the Rocky Reach hydro electric project, Washington D.C.; Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, office of Hydropower Licensing, 1995. Reviews water levels, environmental aspects around Rocky Reach Dam.

United States Congress House Committee on Public Works, Columbia Valley Administration: Hearings, eighty first congress, first session, on H.R. 4286 and H.R. 4287, bills to reorganize and consolidate certain federal functions and thereby secure their more effective administration to assist in the achievement of unified water control and resource conservation and development on the Columbia River, its tributaries, and the surrounding lands , Washington: U.S. government printing office. 1949. This reviews the Columbia river valley administration (proposed).

Washington State Water Pollution Control Commission, Information Bulletin, Public Hearing on Proposed Water Quality Standards for Okanogan, Similkameen, and Columbia River from Grand Coulee to Priest Rapids , Olympia, 1966. This reviews information on water quality standards on the Okanogan, Similkameen and Columbia rivers.

Documents relative to Warre and Vavasour's military reconnaissance in Oregon, 1845-6," (The Quarterly of the Oregon Historical Society) 10 (1909). An excellent description of the difficulties created by the shifting locations of the bar. The overall mission of gathering information for military reconnaissance adds an excitement to the writings.

Webb, C. E., Water Elevations at Selected Points along the upper and Lower Arrow Lakes and Columbia River Between Revelstoke, B.C. and Little Dalles, Washington 1930-1933 , Vancouver, B.C. 1933.

Wright, John L., Stewards of the River; A Report for Chelan, Douglas and Grant County PUD and the North Pacific Division, Corps of Engineering, Seattle District, Seattle, WA., 1975. This reviews water and resource development in the Columbia river valley.


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