Jennifer Wicks

Jennifer Wicks
Columbia River Class
Initial Topic Proposal


I am going to research the history of the "apple" in Eastern Washington. The main cities researched will be Lake Chelan, Wenatchee, and hopefully some information from Cashmere. I will then look further into the industry of apples. For example: apple farms, I am also trying to get some information from the Applets and Cotlets factory on how they came to be known as the Applets and Cotlets. I plan to provide a brief description of the variety of apples that are grown and when they are in season. And I am looking for information as to where the apple market is and where it is going. I have contacted the Chamber of Commerce in the cities I have noted above. I also have talked to a couple of apple farms. I will be talking to the history museums in Cashmere and Lake Chelan to get some additional information. And I have contacted the Washington State Apple Commission and asked for any information that they could send to me.


1. Bercaw, Lousie O. The Apple Industry in the United States: A Selected List of References on the Economic Aspects of the Industry Together with Some References on Varieties (Washington D.C. : United States Dept. of Agriculture, Bureau of Agricultural Economics, 1927). Book is about the apple industry in the United States And the different varieties of apples.

2. Brown, Margaret C. North Central Region and International Trade (Seattle, WA: Washington Council on International Trade, 1985). Sponsored by the Washington State Apple Commission. Information on counties in Eastern Washington regarding commerce.

3. Carlson, R.F. North American Apples: Varieties, Rootstock, and Outlook. East Lansing Michigan State University, 1970. Different Types of apples and the inside of the apple industry.

4. Cheever, John. The World of Apples. (New York, Knopf, 1973) Information on the apple.

5. Chelan County, The Economic History [Home page; cited 10 April 1998]; available from;INTERNET. The establishing of the town and how the economy has with the crops of apples.

6. CofC, Mary. Interview by Jennifer Wicks. History Museum for Cashmere. (509)782-3230. Mary works for the museum, I am hoping to get any type of information she may have on Cashmere. 23 April 1998.

7. Crumline, La Du. Circular for Spring 1880. Mount Loffin, W.T.? 1880. Information on apple growing in that time frame.

8. Crumline, La Du. Descriptive Catalogue of Small Fruits in Cultivation at Columbia River Fruit Gardens. Astoria Oregon. Asotrian book and job office, 1879. Apples and other fruits in the areas of the Columbia River.

9. Gleasman, Phyllis. Interview by Jennifer Wicks. Blue Trout Chelan. (509)682-2591. Phyllis works for the company of Blue Trout in Lake Chelan, hoping to get some information the company may have on the history of the apple in Lake Chelan. 23 April 1998.

10. Hart, Collen. Interview by Jennifer Wicks. History museum for Lake Chelan (509)682-5644. Collen works for the museum, hoping to get any information she may have on the history of Lake Chelan. 23 April 1998.

11. Helms, Douglas; Douglas Bowers. The History of Agriculture and Environment. Washington D.C.: Agriculture History Society, 1993. Book deals with the Agricultural history and the ecology.

12. Hauge Family Farms. Apple Varieties. [homepage; cited 10 April 1998]; available from; INTERNET. Information all the different types of apples with descriptions and when in season.

13. JKnight, Harry Hazelton. Studies on Insects Affecting the Fruit of the Apple, with Particular Reference to the Characteristics of the Resulting Scars...(Ithaca, 1922). Apples and the diseases and pests that bother them.

14. Lake Chelan Chamber of Commerce, Apples, Apples, Apples. [Home page; cited 10 April 1998]; available from; INTERNET. Why apples, reasons as to why you should get your apples from the Chelan area.

15. Liberty Orchards Company. Applets and Cotlets. 117 Mission Ave 123, Cashmere, WA 988815-1007, (509)782-2191. They are going to send a book about the history of the company and how the company was first started and how they have turned the apple, which they use in the applets, into a big profit company in a small town.

16. Matsukawa, Lori. Washington State Apples in Japan: Communication Plans and Strategies. (1996). Marketing of apples from Washington to Japan.

17. Padfield, C.A.S. The Storage of Apples and Pears, (N.Z. Dept of Scientific and Industrial Research, 1969). Storing apples and other fruit before shipping. Dealing with pests when storing.

18. Priol, Josef. Flower, Fertilization and Fertility Biology of the Apple Tree, (Belgrade, Yugoslavia, Nolt Publishing House, 1962). Apples and the first steps, fertilizing of the blossoms.

19. Sears, Fred Coleman. Productive Orcharding: Modern Methods of Growing and Marketing Fruit. (Philadelphia, London, Lippincott, 1923). Fruit culture and apples.

20. United States. Bureau of Agricultural Economics, The Pacific Northwest Boxed Apple Deal, season 1925-26. (Washington, D.C., 1926). Marketing fruit and marketing apples.

21. Vuceta, Jasenka. Investigation into Effluent Discharges from Washington Fresh Applepackers. Long Beach, California: SCS Engineers [1980?]. Book about the Toxicology, the apple packing and waste disposal.

22. Wenatchee Chamber of Commerce, Wenatchee Valley-The Land of Dreams

23. home page; cited 10 April 1998]; available from chambers/wenatchee/. INTERNET. How Wenatchee got it's name . What it means. All about the agriculture, mainly apples.

25. Young Men's Christian Association, Portland, OR, Apple Growing in the Pacific Northwest, (Portland, OR. The Portland Oregon Young Men's Christian Association, 1911). Lectures, experiments, and discussions conducted by the educational department of the Young Men's Christian Association.


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