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Spring 2000

(updated: 2 May  2000)

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Week  Topic  Readings  Optional Readings* Assignments Due

27 & 29 Mar 

Intro: Paleolithic to Mesopotamia 

Online Resources 

Perlin, Forest Journey, -68 

Perlin, 69-130 
A to Z, 3-23, 406-419

Wessels, Reading the Forested Landscape, 11-39

Langston, "People and Nature"  (E) Open UW email account & email me your address 

Read E-Reserves "help" documentation.

Start thinking of topic

3 & 5 April

Greece and Rome 

Library Resources:  Wed:  9:00 AM at UWT library 

Hughes, Pan's Travail, 1-43 (E pt 1)

Omer C. Stewart, "Man's Use of Fire" (E)

Meiggs, Trees and Timber, 13-48 (E)

A to Z, 459-482.

Meiggs, Trees and Timber, 49-188 (E)

Thirgood, Man and the Mediterranean Forest, 1-84 (E)

Finding Sources and Checking Facts;

start on 2 perfect citations in CMS format

10 & 12 April

Ancient World continued 


Hughes, Pan's Travail, 73-90, 213-216; (E pt 3)

Perlin, 131-190; 

Plato, Critias excerpt (handout)

Darby, "Clearing of the Woodland"  (postponed)

Wessels, Reading the Forested Landscape, 41-61

Meiggs, 188-??  (E) 2 citations from your bibliography in perfect CMS format (due)

essay 1: (due Wed.)
Discuss analytically passage from Critias (3-5 pages)

17 &19 April

Mon. 9:00 AM Sharp:
Meet at Northwest Room at Tacoma Public Library

Wed. Middle Ages 

Perlin, 191-226 

L. White, "Historical Roots" (E)

Totman, "Forest Products Trade in Pre-Industrial Japan" (postponed)

Wessels, 63-77

Bechman, Trees and Man, 140-187 (E)

Outwater, Water, 3-34

essay 2: 
Verify or disprove one of L. White's assertions using evidence from Hughes, Darby, Wessels, or Perlin. 
Cite your sources using CMS.

24 & 26 April

Mon. "New" Worlds 

Wed:  Field Trip to McLane Creek Nature Trail (click for map)

Perlin, 227-323 

Evelyn, Sylva (1664) (E) 

Wessels,  99-111

Outwater, Water, 35-54 (E)

Evelyn, Fumifugium (E)

Cronon, Changes in the Land, ?? (E)

essay 3 
Chose and then analyze short passage from Evelyn, Sylva  or Evelyn, Fumifugium (E)

1 & 3 May

USA  Perlin, 324-362 

Langston, Forest Dreams -42 

Wessels, 79-97

Cronon, "The Wealth of Nature:  Lumber," 148-206 in Nature's Metropolis;

Tucker, Global Deforestation, (E)

essay 4:  Either:
a.) analyze a news story of your choice from a historical perspective
b.) analyze a forested (currently or formerly) landscape using Wessels's methods.  You may work in teams.
c.) or essay 3 above

8 & 10 May

PNW past 

Wed:  Field Trip to Puget Creek.  Meet at Ruston Way entrance 8:30 AM sharp

Langston, 43-156 

R. White, Land Use, 77-112 (E)

Ficken, Forested Land, 1-18

Wessels, 113-127

Ficken, 19-104 (E)

Kruckeberg, Natural History of Puget Sound Country, 117-193 

essay 5: passage from Marsh, Man and Nature or annotated bibliography on disk and printed modeled on entries in  AHA Guide in UWT library ref. section 

15 & 17 May

PNW present  Langston, 157-245 

Langston, 246-306 

Wessels,  129-149 

Safina, Song for a Blue Ocean, 137-181 (E)

Ficken, 104-209 (E)

1. Bring list of discussion point for Langston. 
2. Where do Langston and Wessels overlap, how do they treat similar subjects differently?

22 & 24 May

Student Presentations


Wessels, 151-165 Maser, "Seen and Unseen"
Norse, ? 


Student Presentations

31 May (no class on 29 May)

Student Presentations

Wrap Up: 
Along the Pacific Rim

  Gadgil, Ecology and Equity

Kohm, Creating a Forestry for the 21st Century

Take-home essay due 


Research paper due at beginning of class 31 May.

*Optional Readings are recommended for those students wishing to distinguish themselves by doing additional work.

The readings above will be supplemented by numerous, short handouts, usually of primary sources.

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