Student Bibliographies for the Natural History of Garbage Winter 2001

Corporate Recycling at MacDonald's by Oscar Ausboe

Construction and Demolition Waste by Andy Albaugh

Dumping Plastics in the Ocean by Christina Anderson

Dumpster Diving Cindy Bonzer

Environmental Justice Bibliography by Johanna Hayden

Medical Waste and Syringe Disposal by Erin Boyles

History of Environmental Cleanup and its Consequences for Tacoma: Bibliography by Jessica Goulet

Space Junk by David Hicks

Burning Waste in Tacoma Steam Plant #2 by Carianne Kehm-Goins

Ecopopulism Stan Kilfoyle

Composting  Kathy Knierem

Waste Reduction through Recycling by Sienna Madison

Human Waste on Mt. Rainier  by Robert H. Lewis

Social and Cultural Dimensions of Indoor Plumbing by Michele Martinez

Re-Using and Recycling Used Tires by Kurt Schiefendecker

Environmental Impact of Waste from Meat Production by Sean Sessions

Conserving Resources, Recycling, and Incineration  by Aaron Shaffer

Diapers and Their Impact  by Jennifer Threadgold

Clear Water, Clean Water  by Adryan Tordillos

Dumpster Diving and Downshifting  by Sharon Woodhouse

updated 28 March 2001
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