Medical Waste and Syringe Disposal Bibliography

© 2001 Erin Boyles

rev March 01

1. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. [homepage; cited 01 March 2001]; available from INTERNET. Center for Disease Control provides interesting series of documents all dealing with syringes - ranging from access to disposal methods.

2. Keil, L., and McIntyre, S.. Public Health - Seattle & King County. [homepage; cited 01 March 2001]; available from; INTERNET. Disease Prevention Fact Sheet with answers and questions on recent Needle Exchange Programs.

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4. McColl, Arch C. Needlesticks - What they don't want you to know. [homepage; cited 28 February 2001] available from; INTERNET. Interesting copyrighted literary comments from a Lawyer dealing with needlestick injuries.

5. New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. [homepage; cited 29 February 2001]; available from; INTERNET. A good site referencing the infamous beach wash-up of medical waste in the 1980's.

6. Occupational Safety and Health Administration. [homepage; cited 27 February 2001]; available from; Current articles with passed legislation working towards better needle safety for hospital and home users.

7. Pruss, A., Giroult, E., and Rushbrook, P.  Safe Management of Wastes from Health-care Activites. Geneva: World Health Organization, 1999. A complete collection of information dealing with defining sharps and various origins and tracing them through their disposed of state of incineration.

8. Reinhardt, P., and Gordon, J.. Infectious and Medical Waste Management.  Michigan; Lewis Publishers, Inc., 1991. Good reference point for beginning my paper and brainstorming what areas I felt were crucial to touch on.

9. Turnberg, W., and Frost, F.  "Survey of Occupational Exposure of Waste Industry Workers to Infectious Waste in Washington State." Am J Public Health, 1990. Turnberg exhibits more work from the state of Washington, exhibiting his research as a model for future educational material.

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12. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. [homepage; cited 19 February 2001]; available from; INTERNET. Tons of information all relating to every kind of waste imaginable. You can get lost in here with all of the information!! One of my favorite sites to peruse.

13. Washington Legislature. [homepage; cited 29 February 2001] available from; INTERNET. Contains the RCW example in my paper dealing with syringe laws in the State of Washington.