Bibliographies by UWT Students in Spring 2001 History of Water Class

UW Tacoma, Prof. Michael Kucher

Twa-le Abrahamson, The Effects of the Construction of the Grand Coulee Dam to the Spokane Tribe

Oscar Ausboe, Fish Farming and its Impacts


Karen Brittain, The Elwha River Dams – Who Won, Who Lost

Sannon DiCicco, The Green Crab in the Pacific Northwest by Shannon DiCicco

Holly J. Doyle, Wetlands Preservation

Angela D. Evans, Salmon and Hatcheries

Katie Hunt, Wetland Restoration

Chrissy Langston, Northwest Native American Myths about Salmon and Beaver and Their Ecological Implications

Jenny Leon, Sprawl and the Environment

Laura Linman, Policy Regarding Non-Point Pollution

Neil Lopez, Environmental Effects of Methamphetamine Labs in Pierce County

Lisa Paul, Northwest Native American Whaling

Milo Pew, Effects of Otter Hunting and Fur Trade

Stormie K. Pickard, Puget Prairie Mima Mounds in Reference to Native American Burning

Jeffrey Ramsey, From Hunter to Sportsmen to Conservationist: Who Saved the Nisqually Delta?

Diane Rogers, Benbow Lakes Annotated Bibliography

Carla Loekje Sevenster, The Hudson’s Bay Company

Sadie Smith, Personal Watercraft:  Impact on Lake Crescent

Carole Stevens,  Chlorine and its Effects

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