Annotated Bibliography on Fish Farming and its Impacts

Copyright 2001 Oscar Ausboe

Cloud, Greg. Interviewed by Oscar Ausboe. Washington State Department of Ecology. 9 April 2001. Personal interview pertaining to the history of net-pen farming of Atlantic salmon within the greater Puget Sound region, emphasize placed on longevity and environmental effects.

Findley, Roger W., and Daniel A. Farber. Cases and Materials on Environmental Law. St. Paul: West Group, 1999.  A collection of cases and materials on, or about, environmental law from an ecological perspective.

Jaffe, Mark. And No Birds Sing. New York: Barricade Books, 1997.  A non-fiction account of the devastating results produced by the accidental introduction of the Brown Tree snake, transported via military operations during WW II, to the island of Guam.

Kreeger, Karen. " Down on the Fish Farm: Developing Effluent Standards for Aquaculture." BioScience 50, no 11 (2000): 949-953.  This article provides a brief perspective on the immensity at which the "fish farming" industry operates at, and specifically deals with the concerns, or ideas relating to effluent standardization of aquaculture.

Meyers, Theodore R., and James R. Winton. "Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia Virus In North America." Annual Review of Fish Diseases Vol. 5 (1995): 3-24.  Article discussing historical, physical, and molecular characteristics of VHSV, including several case histories followed by identifying features and control measures.

Moore, Milo, et al. Fisheries. Vol. III. Washington State: Department of Fisheries, 1960.  Collection of work primarily designed as a guide focused on the conservation, propagation, and regulation of various industries or persons involved in fish farming fish management. Although interesting, the material is very dated.

Morton, Alexandra. "Warning-Wear Gloves to Handle Escaped Atlantic salmon." Puget Sound Gill-netters Association. <> (2 November 1999).  A warning to all those somehow involved in the collection or handling of "farmed" Atlantic salmon near Vancouver Island, infested with a yellow-pus type disease common in human sewage.

Taylor, Joseph E. Making Salmon. Edited by William Cronon. Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1999.  An incredibly fascinating, and interesting book designed to re-evaluate, or re-think, the way salmon in the Northwest Pacific have been managed, exploited, and manipulated, only to benefit human interests, with a strong emphasis on avoiding placing blame on any one person, or industry. Out of all the books, reviews, and articles researched, this book is far the best, particularly since the reading is fairly light and enjoyable.

Weston, Donald P. The Environmental Effects of Floating Mariculture In Puget Sound. Seattle: University of Washington, School of Oceanography, WB-10, 1986.   This reports sole purpose was to act as a guide, listing regulations, laws, requirements etc., geared towards the mariculture industry, especially the facilities, or persons, interested in floating net-pen culture and suspended culture.