Copyright 2001 Holly J. Doyle

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Kruckeberg, Arthur R. The Natural History of Puget Sound Country. Seatle: University of Washington Press, 1991. This is a college textbook describing multiple aspects of the Puget Sound region. One can find initial facts of information in the reading and excellent resources in the reference.

*Leschine, Thomas M., and Katherine F. Wellman, and Thomas H. Green. The economic Value of Wetlands: Wetland’s Role in Flood Protection in Western Washington.  Washington State Department of Ecology, 1997. This is an excellent resource for all environmental issues. Most of there publications can be ordered directly or obtained through the World Wide Web at: www.ecy.gov .

*Maynard, Chris, and Shawn Ultican. Wetland Walks: A guide to Washington’s public access wetlands. Washington State Department of Ecology, 1991. This publication lists all the wetland reserves in the state of Washington and a small paragraph of information regarding each reserve.

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*Ryan, John C. State of the Northwest. Seattle: Northwest Environmental Watch, 2000.  This is a wonderful book that explains every aspect of environmental depletions in the Northwest. The author focuses on Washington, but includes Northern

California, Oregon, Western Montana, Idaho, and British Columbia. The references listed are a great resource.

Tiner, Talph W. In Search of Swampland: A wetland Sourcebook and Field Guide. New Brunswick, New Jersey: Rutgers University Press, 1998. This book is a great guide to determining vegetation and animal life in wetlands. The information is
informative and reads like an informative guide.

Vileisis, Ann. Discovering the Unknown Landscape. Washington, D.C.: Island Press, This book reads like a history story and incorporates policy and reasons for wetland depletion.



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