Environmental Effects of Methamphetamine Labs in Pierce County

Annotated Bibliography
Copyright 2001 by Neil Lopez

Castro, Hector “Meth Lab Closes Preserve” Seattle Post-Intelligencer.April 28, 2001.A current article on the trend of Meth Lab abuse.Not very informative but it aids in explaining the current trend of Meth labs.

*David Dewey, Special Methamphetamine Laboratory Unit Coordinator, Pierce County Sheriff.Telephone/email conversation. Pioneer law enforcement official on the war against Meth labs.Number one primary source for anything Meth lab related.Also, great public liaison, very willing to help in my efforts to access resources.

Hunter, Steve“Tanks of Trouble” The Educator, vol 2, no. 1.Very informative article on the subject of propane tanks used in the production of Meth.

*Pierce County Council Minutes, “Meth Summit 2000: A Roundtable Discussion on the Methamphetamine Crisis in Pierce County”.My starting point to finding all primary sources.This book of minutes (obtained from the Pierce County Council) had every name, number, email, and address of anyone who had anything to do with the subject of Meth.

*Pierce County Sheriff’s Department “Clandestine Lab Team 1995-2001 Statistical Report”.Good stats, easy to read.

*Steve Hunter, Methamphetamine Laboratory Clean-up Coordinator, Washington State Department of Ecology.Very informative source from the viewpoint of the state.Took a different stance on Pierce County’s situation, very negative.Another good public official, very personable.

*Senate Bill 5017.Accessed through www.access.wa.gov , great site.A bill put forth to quash efforts on the Meth lab “cook” in buy Meth ingredients.

*Washington State Community, Trade and Economic Development Foundation, “The Governor’s Council Report on Methamphetamine Abuse in the State of Washington”.Good primary source.Found in Tacoma Library’s Northwest Room.

*Washington State Department of Ecology “2001 Reported Methamphetamine Labs”.Given to me by Steve Hunter.Informative and easy to read.

*Washington State Department of Ecology “Focus: Drug Labs-The Environmental Toll”.A great handout put out on the state level.I obtained a copy of this along with the Council’s minutes.