Sources and Methods Papers

Number 1, due: 10/12/2000

Compare Hughes and Kruckeberg then apply Hughes's method to PNW (Pacific Northwest) 2 pp.

What I would to you to do here is to read the 45 pages of J. Donald Hughes's book, Pan's Travail, that I have placed on reserve. Hughes writes about the Mediterranean environment in ancient times. You have been reading Kruckeberg's Natural History of Puget Sound Country and should have a pretty good idea of what he is doing. In a paragraph or two, compare the approaches Kruckeberg and Hughes take to their respective environments. Compare the sources they use by examining their footnotes. Compare the methods they use to assemble their histories. Evaluate their products. Note which of each of their methods will be most useful to you in your research paper. Describe the shortcomings of either book as a model for your work. Speculate in a paragraph or two as to what Hughes would write about the past 500 years in the Puget Sound Country.

The goal of this assignment is twofold. First, to get you to look "behind" finished histories and to analyze the methods by which different authors turn raw materials into books. The second, which I hope will be a natural outgrowth of the first, is to get you thinking about the approach you will take, the sort of evidence you will seek out, the sort of thesis you will use to make it all hang together. In short, to give you another way to think about the story you will tell in your research paper.

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